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    The God and the Healer - RP


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Mon Mar 12, 2018 5:46 am

    After one round of amazing sex and a Walking Dead marathon on Netflix because I'm certain Lochlan will love it if he gives it a shot, he gets up to make dinner. What with all the warlock and General and prophecy hoopla, I hadn't really had a chance to eat my lunch earlier in the day. I can tell his mind is still racing, but the fun we had upon returning to my apartment certainly helped tone his anger down.

    He's silent as he works, cutting up bell peppers and onions with the speed of, well, a god. He could totally take up being a chef now that he's forfeited the General role. He can certainly cook his ass off.

    His shoulders are set, his body still tensed, and I can almost see the inner turmoil within him. It can't have been easy to step down, to defy his parents, and abandon a surefire position as the General of a freaking warrior dimension. He could've been top dog, and he chose to stay here? With my crazy ass?

    My heart is doing that weird thing again. I tamp it down and crouch down behind the wall that extends past my bedroom as I watch him work in the kitchen. Nerf gun in hand, -a gift for my nephew that I haven't yet given him- I load it up with little foam bullets and do the same with the gun from the second box. Jacob is going to cause so much hell with these things.

    With a grin on my face, I pull the trigger and send one flying straight at the back of his head. It lands, bounces off, and Lochlan turns with a feral gaze, prepared for battle. He deflates when he hears my giggles. I stick my head out, smirk, and toss him the extra gun. "Come get me, My Liege."


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  Canadianmummy on Mon Mar 12, 2018 5:54 am

    I simply stand still, feeling something soft bounce off my head and then a giggle. I turn the stove off and look to Cora, she throws me a gun and runs off. I slightly smirk, this is new and grip the nurf gun and walk out of the kitchen. Her apartment is dark, she's hiding. Of course, I can find her easily but I will go along with pretending.

    "Don't use your powers to find me!" I hear her say,  I laugh, "Do you have a mind reading ability as well, that I don't know about...something else to add to the list?"

    I hear her move quick behind me, I pull the trigger so fast and I hear an ouch. I go over to her, looking at her who is on the floor. She holds her knee, I look at her, "You shouldn't give me a weapon!"

    She looks up,"Stop having god like strength for two minutes!" I go to pull her up but she pulls me right back down, to the floor and soon is on top of me. She takes her nurf gun and shoots me in the chest. I look at her and pretend to wince in pain, she scowls as I reach up to her face and pull her down to kiss her.


    I chose to ignore the problem that was my parents, I can't tell them about Cora and myself. It's asking for trouble. Instead, we stayed inside for two days, ignoring everything else in the world too.

    I lay in bed, naked and sleeping when I hear her waking me up, something about a dinner with her family. "That offense, awful for me. You go have fun, you have your...protective bubble."

    I hear her pout and explain I need to go, not as her god protector but boyfriend.

    I open my eyes and look at her, "Boyfriends usually do fight and avoid seeing inlaws..." She looks at me, threatens no sex for at least a day and I am soon showered and out the door with her. I whisper to her can't stop now, moving my hand quickly up the back of her dress in the elevator. I hit the botton that makes the elevator stop for a few minutes and quickly pin her against the wall, I pull down her panties and thanking her wearing a dress as I pound my way into her. I put my hand over her mouth, to control her screams and continue until we both come. I break off as she cleans herself up, as do I and I hit the botton once more, the elevator moves again.


    "About time you two showed up..." I hear one of the brothers say as Cora takes her seat, I pulled out her chair and then take my seat next to her. The children are here, I don't like kids. Annoying creatures but I pretend to play nice. Cora looks at her family and they talk, they try to include me in the conversation but considering I insist on being hammered instead makes it rather difficult.

    The dinner finally wraps up, I somehow have a child sitting in my lap when we get up and head out of the restaurant.

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:24 am

    Okay, so Lochlan isn't a fan of kids, and I'm not fond of them, either, when they're not related to me. Prophecies and destiny can kiss my ass. There's no way I'm cranking out a demigod baby any time soon. Lochlan and I are careful. Might want to consider birth control, though.

    Ellie has taken to calling my new beau Uncle Lochlan, and I'm surprised when he rolls with it. It does have a nice ring to it. We gifted Jacob his already opened Nerf guns earlier, and thankfully, he didn't question it. Nobody likes struggling with packaging.

    Ellie clings onto both Lochlan and the doll I bought for her when we exit the restaurant. My brothers are in deep conversation with my father, so I turn to watch my sexy Irishman as he holds my niece close. Cars whiz by as we head to where we're parked parallel to the street. He sets her down, having had perhaps a few too many, and she turns to me, asking me to put the dress back on her doll for the seventh time this evening. I step forward, glad to help, when a tiny plastic shoe slips off and clatters against the pavement. Lochlan reaches for it while I fiddle with velcro and silky fabric, and Jacob is yelling something to his father, and then there's a crash. I freeze up the moment I hear a sound louder than thunder, a sickening crunch and thud and the shriek of twisted steel. Chaos. Screaming.

    Lochlan is shielding Ellie at once, pulling her behind him. The most wretched sobs tear loose from Luke's throat. Everyone is running, crying, their shrill sounds of agony filling the air as they crowd around Jacob, my nephew, the boy who was struck by the now idle Jeep in the middle of the road.

    My heart hammering hard inside my chest, my steps frantic, I reach him, my eyes welling up with tears when I see his small, broken body, blood pouring from the side of his head, his eyes closed. Luke and Katherine are beside themselves, their faces pale, their hands shaking as they cradle him. "Cora," Luke says, and he doesn't even need to ask. Ryan has taken up Lochlan's position, doing all he can to shield Ellie from what we're seeing. Lochlan steps toward me, a mixture of sympathy and concern on his face, and I know I'm breaking the rules, and I don't fucking care at this point. My nephew is dying.

    With a look, I send him flying back yards away, crashing into a building down the street. Because I know he's fast, I keep him there, braced against the bricks as if he'd been chained to the spot. Then, quickly, I press my hand to Jacob's chest and focus every bit of my energy into bringing him back from the brink.

    I don't feel faint this time; I'm stronger than ever. I can do so much more. For starters, I'll begin with the person in the Jeep. The person who crossed the divide and into the restaurant's parking, striking Jacob. The woman in the car is crouched over, her window down, and she reeks of alcohol.

    There are no words for my rage. Now that Lochlan's out of the picture, there's nothing stopping me. I don't even know if I can stop. She nearly killed my nephew. She's drunk, she nearly killed a kid, and she doesn't care.

    I don't need to touch her to pull her out of the car; my mind does the work for me. I drag her out and into the street, watching the shock and confusion play across her face. She looks up at me, then, and fright takes the center stage. She begins to crawl backward, away from me, but I hold her in place. Then, she shrivels. The pain has taken hold. An inhuman sob wrenches free from her throat; she howls as blood begins to pour from her ears, her nose, her mouth, and then her eyes. Her arm folds back, bending at an impossible level, and the bone snaps. With a tug, her shoulder is detached. Next, I work on her legs. Her feet. I snap, I tear, I break, without touching a hair on her head. A crowd has formed. People stand with their phones out, recording the madness, and all I care about is inflicting pain. I want this bitch to suffer.

    Vaguely, I hear my family sobbing and pleading in the background. Ryan calls my name. Ellie is yelling louder than any of them. "Aunt Cora, stop!"

    When I turn to look back, the screaming stops. The woman's mangled body lies on the asphalt, her head in a pool of her own blood, her limbs twisted and askew.

    I sober instantly when I realize what I've done. My calm, focused demeanor slips and I begin to shake. In seconds, Lochlan is back beside me, his arm around my shoulders, his lips at my temple. Jacob is alive, I've almost killed the woman who nearly killed him, and I somehow know that my shield has been thoroughly destroyed.

    We need to run.

    Ryan dips his head at me, his expression grave as he cradles our niece. "Go," he says, waving us away. "You've gotta get out of here."


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  Canadianmummy on Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:33 am

    I can't believe what just happened, not that she responded but more how she threw me away to a building and was able to keep me there.
    I make my way back, pissed above all else. I know she was saving the kid but still, we are under strict rules right now! Without a word to her, I grab her by the hand and suddenly we have teleported to a whole other country.

    We land in London England of all places, a home I have there. With no words to me, Cora walks past and into the house without question. I follow her, "Not that going anywhere is going to matter, your shield is going to come down....people are going to find you. We have to go to my realm, earth won't be safe."

    I look at her, concerned slightly "You can overpower me..., only discovering that now?"

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:44 am

    I spin around to face him. I'm still shaking, still on that street in my mind's eye. Half of New York has seen it by now. News is instant in this day and age.

    I almost killed that woman. She was barely alive when I left her. I did it all in front of Ellie, my father, my brothers. If I was made with light, I surely don't feel like it right now. I feel like a monster.

    I hurt Lochlan. I spin to face him, and this time I'm full-on crying. I got us into this mess. I hurt him, I've upended his life, and now we'll be hunted more than ever before.

    My voice is low and trembling when I finally speak. "Lochlan, I'm so sorry."

    He says nothing. My heart sinks a little lower in my chest. "I didn't really even think about it, I swear. I didn't really want to hurt you. I just wanted to heal Jacob and make her suffer, and you were in the way. It was all I was thinking about. I couldn't stop it. Or maybe I just didn't want to."


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  Canadianmummy on Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:52 am

    I look at her, I am not showing as much compassion as I should be. Being with Cora is really testing everything I have believed in. Someone like this would never be welcomed into our realm, someone who could overpower a god? It can't simply just be ignored.

    I hug her simply and she hugs me back, "I understand why you did it...., this is going to be exhausting. We go to my realm, you can't touch me or do anything that gives away we have, become involved. I just don't see how we can stay here. Even the warlock was certain of that and he seems to know more about the whole fucking plan more than I do...."

    I pull off, not sure what to really do. I don't know who to trust. Bringing her to my realm, is it just leading her to trouble? Maybe I could become General still, lie my whole way about your relationship and change things when I am in charge, heck I have her as a pretty good weapon. I shake my head, I can't think of her like that, she is not a weapon...

    "Okay, we are going..., you need to be on your best behaviour. No talking back, stay quiet until anyone wants you to speak. Understand?" She nods, looking upset.

    "Sex before we go?" I smirk, she smirks back and you bet we have one last bang.


    We land in my realm hours later, approaching my parents house as we did before.

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:11 am

    This time, I've decided to be on my best behavior. More than before, I mean. I'll do my best. I still feel like I can't wholly trust my emotions, because I'm not sure when they'll change. I'm about as unpredictable as a weightlifter on crack lately.

    I greet his parents with a respectful nod when we arrive. They're none too happy with my presence, but I'm not about to egg them on. We're sent to separate rooms for the evening, and I sleep as soundly as I can with the knowledge that everything is fucked and I nearly became a murderer only a few hours prior.

    When I've showered and dressed the next morning, the butler arrives to summon me. I've been invited to the family breakfast. I take slow, steady steps because I'm not exactly pleased about walking to the chopping block for the second time since I've been here. Last time I'd been sent to my room like a six year old.

    I sit quietly when Thaddeus offers me a seat, and Lochlan joins us seconds later. Marit stares me down wordlessly, but I can tell she has all sorts of things on her mind. Namely, my murder.

    Thaddeus unrolls a napkin and drapes it across his lap. Taking his cue, I do the same with mine. When he regards me, his gaze hard and his eyes unblinking, I stop and freeze in my seat.

    "Had an outburst, did we?" he asks me, as if he's the disappointed father and I'm the surly teenage brat. "Seems you did enough damage to destroy the warlock's shield."

    I could offer up a myriad of reasons for doing so, but I'm also not sure what exactly he knows. Does he have any idea what I did to Lochlan? I'm not about to offer it up. Instead, I keep my expressions guarded, and simply nod. "Yes, sir."

    "Your nephew, I take it?" I nod again. "You tortured the woman who hit him." Again, I nod. His eyes narrow. "Use your words."

    I clear my throat. "She was drunk, sir. She nearly killed my nephew. There was no way I was going to let him die."

    "And yet you went beyond that. It's all over the televisions in your dimension. You shattered half the bones in her body with a look."

    I begin to shake again. I can't help it. "Yes, sir."

    He sighs and begins cutting into the meat on his plate. I take the chance to breathe a bit while his attention is elsewhere. "Imagine the damage if you were strong enough to inflict such devastation upon a god."

    He doesn't know. This seals it. I say nothing and look toward Lochlan, a silent plea in my eyes. Help me.


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  Canadianmummy on Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:21 am

    Lochlan simply stays quiet, looking back at Cora, he knows better than to respond. If he does, the parents will be suspicious. "For now, she has to stay here. It is my job as you keep reminding me every moment I get, to watch her."

    My father looks at me, and I want to take what I just said. I never give the man attitude, my father chooses to ignore it for the moment but I know he's long from done.

    My mother looks at Cora,"What an awful situation, Lochlan, turns out Mary is visiting our realm. I informed her this morning you were visiting." I look to my mother, Mary was an old ex girlfriend. One of many, but one my parents really liked. Her father was one of my father's top soldiers.

    "I see...., how is she doing?" I pretend to look interested, my mother smiles and tells me all about Mary's future progress. My father seems to enjoy the conversation, no doubt watching Cora's every reaction while she watches.


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:08 am

    I know what they're doing. It doesn't make it sting any less. I try to tune them out, think about my family, and wonder if I can even call them from this dimension. I have to know how they're doing.

    Minutes must have passed while I was lost in my thoughts. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I hear Thaddeus saying my name. Still in a haze, I try to process what's being said around me.

    "Cora," he says again, a hard edge to his voice, and I snap out of my thoughts.

    I look up at once, my face turning hot. "Sir?"

    Marit scoffs and adjusts her blouse, smoothing out some unseen imperfection. "It's quite rude of our guest to ignore us, Thaddeus."

    Says the bitch who wants me killed. The anger is rising to the surface again. I can't lose control with his parents, especially not in this dimension. We're surrounded by soldiers. I take a deep breath and swallow hard. "I'm sorry-"

    Thaddeus waves his hand in the air, unfazed. "She had a rough evening, Marit. Leave it be."

    My eyes are wide. He defended me? I risk a glance at Marit, and although she's struggling with it, she nods brusquely and takes a sip of champagne from her glass. Then, as if nothing happened, she's smiling again, this time at her son. "I do hope Mary can drop by tomorrow. I'm sure the Healer would love to meet her. Wouldn't you, Cora?"

    She meant that. She wanted to hit a nerve, and she did. I grind my teeth together and reach for my own glass. "That sounds great," I lie, and I'm proud of how steady my voice is when I speak. I throw in a smile to match hers, as well, but I don't dare to let the sarcasm show. Don't make waves.

    "Mary comes from good stock," Thaddeus says, watching intently for my reaction. It's as if he wants me to lose control. As if he wants to test me. "Her father is one of my best fighters. She and Lochlan would make an excellent pair."

    I nod, wishing I had the gift of teleportation for a moment. I'd rather be literally anywhere else right now. "I'm sure."

    Marit's gaze is challenging. She knows I'm not over the moon about any of this. "Forgive me, Cora. I'm not sensing your excitement. Were you under the impression that your prophecy would come to fruition with our son?"

    I want to shrivel up and die in my seat. They both know I'm full of shit; they both know I have feelings for their son. There's no way out of this other than to keep lying. "No, ma'am. Mary sounds like an excellent fit."

    I deserve an award for not annihilating everyone here. I look across the table at Lochlan again. He has to know how close I am to losing control. Couldn't we have stayed in London?


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  Canadianmummy on Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:36 am

    I simply stay quiet but watch both my parents insult the woman I love, did I just say love? Fuck. I look to them, "I think that's enough, Cora did have a long night and maybe it's go up and rest, Cora?" I look at her nodding, she nods back and stands up. My father instead looks at this, "I didn't give this good for nothing creature the permission to leave..."

    "Call her that again and I am not going to be happy.." I end up blurting out, my father smiles "And their it is, oh Lochlan, you are too predictable. This is not going to continue, the love affair you are both having..."

    "Nothing is going to come of it, no child is going to come of it. I am with her, you both have to accept that." I snap. My father walks up to me so fast, I know it's coming as he grabs me by the hair and pulls my head down to the table, "Are you challenging my decision boy? I am not entertaining your need to fuck this whore, to prove some point to me."

    I quickly try to grab him back but he pushes me to the ground, kicks me. "Try that again..." He says to me.

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:49 am

    I look for someone, anyone, to stop this from happening. Marit remains at the table, calmly spooning creamed potatoes into her mouth as she watches. The butler's head is down, his hands clasped behind his back, and the soldiers look on in boredom.

    How does Lochlan live like this? This is clearly a somewhat common occurrence. I can't take it anymore.

    "Stop!" I shout, making my way toward them. "You've made your point! Stop!"

    He kicks Lochlan again, and before I realize what I've done, Thaddeus is making a guttural, horrifying sound from the back of his throat, his head tilted back as he drops to his knees. Lochlan scrambles back, his eyes wide. He looks up at me and shakes his head, desperation on his face. I stop immediately, and Thaddeus crumbles to the floor, his head in his hands, his breaths labored.

    I pale when his hateful gaze lands on me. I stammer for an explanation, an apology, anything. I've made it worse, and that's exactly what his parents had been aiming for. "I- I didn't mean-"

    "There it is," Thaddeus says, rising slowly to his feet to regard the army of soldiers surrounding me, each with their own sword drawn against me. Is this it? Is this how I die?

    "Take her to the basement," he commands, and before I can turn, something hard slams against the side of my head, and then there's simply blackness.

    When I awaken, I'm greeted with the cold, hard feel of concrete beneath my ass and at my back. I'm in the god-proof chains, my arms suspended above my head. I couldn't move more than a few inches if I tried.

    I'm still wearing the dress I'd arrived in, and the basement is freezing. Goosebumps form along my arms and legs. I draw my knees up toward my chest and hunch over, doing all I can for a little warmth. It doesn't help.

    When I hear footsteps coming down the stairs, I tense and flatten myself against the wall. I don't have it in me to be berated any more than I have been. My pride has taken a nosedive and she needs a little fire to keep her going. Luckily enough, I'm pissed enough to help.

    "Lochlan?" I call out his name, knowing damned well that I'm not that lucky. Instead, I see Thaddeus.

    "I'd say I'm sorry, but I'm not," I begin, watching him as he advances. "Where I come from, child abuse is frowned upon."

    "My son is hardly a child," he replies, unaffected by my vitriol. "He's your senior by a few centuries. And finally, I get some honesty out of you. I had thought Healers were truthful creatures until you graced my doorstep."

    I snort. "What did I lie about, again? Other than my feelings for your son?"

    He rolls up the sleeves of his button-down, showing off a pair of muscled forearms, and walks toward a table full of instruments. I don't want to guess what he's about to do. I'm about to die, anyway. I'd always wanted to go out with sass and badassery. I won't blubber like a bitch and allow that to be my legacy. I hope not, at least. "For starters, you neglected to mention that you used your powers against my son last night."

    I nod. "Okay, good one. If we're putting it all out there, then, I could've done worse. Hell, last time we were here, I blew your son like a Dyson right where I'm sitting."

    He spins around so fast, I freeze. Try as I might to stay calm, the man is scary. There's disgust in his eyes. "And here we have the real Cora Jefferies. You speak with such vileness, it's no wonder Lochlan wanted you kept a secret."

    I shrug. "What do you expect from a good-for-nothing whore? You're awfully invested in your kid's sex life, sir. Which is incredible, by the way."

    I don't even register the dagger catapulting through the air until it's embedded in the brick two centimeters from my head. That's enough to silence me for a moment. But only for a moment. I stare him down, jaw clenched, eyes narrowed. "If you're going to kill me, do it. Leave Lochlan out of this."

    He lets out a humorless laugh. "Lochlan is very much in this. He's in a bit of trouble, himself. His only saving grace is that I would never consider killing my own flesh and blood. That is where your luck ends."

    If he's going to kill me, he'll have to do it while looking into my eyes, because I refuse to glance away. I stare back, expectant and tensed, but he simply steps back toward the stairs. Without a word more, he's gone.

    I doze in and out for the next hour or so. There's no keeping time here, so of course I'm guessing. The next time I hear footsteps, I can tell by the clacking alone that it's Marit in a pair of killer heels, walking around like her shit doesn't stink. My anger soars, and this time I can't do anything about it. I'm useless in these chains.

    "I'm surprised you're still alive," she says in greeting as she descends the stairs, and I swear she's gloating when she sees me. "I had thought Thaddeus would have killed you by now."

    I nod. "Yeah, I assume he's debating it. Pros, cons, ancient golden Healer rules, and the like."

    She can sense the attitude pouring off of every word. She sneers in my direction. "You addressed my husband and me with such deference at the dinner table. The next moment, you're telling Thaddeus the most atrocious things about our son."

    I snicker. "Lady, if blowjobs are so atrocious to you, I can imagine why your husband is so pissed off all the time."

    I'm not prepared for the slap. For such a self-righteous, proper woman, she packs a hell of a punch. I groan and rest my head against the wall behind me. There's no fast healing from this one.

    "I will not have your insolence. Thaddeus may have his hangups about killing you, but I've no such qualms."

    So I've heard. I work my jaw back and forth, because the feel of the hit is still pulsing over my skin, burning the side of my face red. "If he's taking suggestions, I'm partial to letting me go."

    This time, it's Marit who's laughing. "I highly doubt you'll be leaving this basement alive. Seems a shame to let a good secret go to waste."

    What the hell is she on about now? I'm tired, I'm hurt, and my arms are killing me. The cuffs are biting into my wrists, the cool iron unforgiving. "Well, I'm riveted. Please continue."

    I wait for a hit that doesn't come. With surprise, I open my eyes again and watch her as she paces closer and closer to the table Thaddeus had stood at before. If I keep it up, the torture will only be worse, but I'm almost past caring. I refuse to die like a wimp.

    "I encouraged Thaddeus to send Lochlan to guard you because I knew of the prophecies. I knew this would happen. Lochlan would fall for you, perhaps impregnate you, thereby stripping him of his future General title. Also, imagine the mass panic and anger it would create in this dimension. It would take no time at all for our gods to strike you down and end whatever demonic thing you carried in your womb."

    Holy shit, this is too much. "Yeah, well, guess you didn't know I'd be more powerful than your average Healer."

    She smirks. "Ah, yes, the work of good old Caius. Your powers will cease to matter against an entire army. I've no worries about that."

    "Fair enough. So, basically, you set Lochlan up to fail? What, you didn't want your husband losing his title?"

    Another laugh. "You misunderstand. I loathe your kind. My husband refuses to acknowledge that you're all more trouble than you're worth." The wicked smile on her face morphs into a look of absolute hatred. "Have you any idea how many wars have been fought over the Healers? How many men and women we have lost? These simple-minded creations were dreamed up in our dimension long before the workings of modern medicine. Earth has no true need for the likes of you now."

    "Agree to disagree, then," I say with a shrug. "I've saved countless lives. I've never met another Healer, but I think I'm free to speak for them, too. We help."

    She gives me a scornful look in return. "Not enough to make up for the hundreds of men and women who've fought to defend you. I lost my own brother in one such battle. The Dark Dimensions see Healers as a burden, and yet here we are, one of the few holdouts. We fight and kill those we disagree with instead of burying the hatchet and exterminating your kind. I respect my husband's wishes; he only desires to honor the rules of his father's and the Generals who came before him. However, times are changing and he must change with it."

    I sigh and kick my feet out, sucking in stale air through my teeth when my bare legs hit the frigid floor. "Well, fingers crossed, then. Dying would be a reprieve from listening to your incessant whining."

    This time, she's in front of me, a long wand in her hand. She presses a button and it flares to life, sending out sparks and waves of electricity. This is going to hurt. She gives me no time to prepare before she presses the end of it against the tender meat of my tricep. I try to hold it in, but I give up and let out a cry. The pain is like nothing I've ever felt before.

    "You can scream all you like," she says to me, pulling the wand away while I writhe in agony. I can smell the smoke coming off of my skin. "No one will hear you."

    I'm grinding my teeth together so hard, it's a miracle they're not completely embedded in my gums. I'm seething, I'm hurting, and I want more than anything to bust out of these chains and end her. "You're a real grade-A cunt, aren't you?" I growl.

    Instead of the instant response I expected, I feel a burst of cool air against my thighs. She's lifted the ends of my dress and hiked the fabric up past my waist. Good thing I wore underwear today. I look back at her quizzically, hoping she isn't about to get too creative with her torture toy. "You're not really my type, but you could at least buy me a drink first."

    The searing pain is back, this time on the inside of my thigh. Instinctively, I clench my thighs together before realizing what a glaring mistake I've made. Now both legs are being fried. I pry my limbs apart, my screams echoing off the walls of the dark and spacious basement.

    She lets up a minute later, and I take the time to inspect my legs, my tears running down my chin and dripping onto my chest. She's left quite a few marks on me already. I'm trembling, I'm reconsidering my approach to the situation, and for the first time in a while, I'm genuinely scared. She's at the table again, picking out a new instrument to use on me.

    She continues her speech as if she'd never taken a break. I'm sure she'll have me begging for death in no time if the next instrument is even a smidgen worse than the last. I watch as she raises a fist to her chin in deep thought. "Thanks to your interruption, I seem to have forgotten where I left off."

    I'll oblige her and cut back on the sass a bit. "So, what happens next? Lochlan forfeits the title, and then what's next for your husband? He'll be so enraged, he'll have to see your side of things?"

    "Hardly," she says, and then she settles on a white canister with a nozzle attachment at the tip. I know a blowtorch when I see it. There's no sense in crying out for help, because if Lochlan hasn't come yet, then he's just as tied up as I am. No one will hear me anyway. "I know my husband is set in his ways. The silver lining is that, with Lochlan's role as leader null and void, I am set to become the new General when my husband passes on."

    My gaze hasn't strayed from the blowtorch. I'm sweating bullets. "He seems healthy as a horse to me. Aren't you concerned you'll be waiting a while?"

    I'm met with a careless shrug. "One never knows what might happen. I never claimed to be patient."

    My eyes are huge now. There's no way I heard that right. Why would she even risk telling me this? I squirm against my restraints, knowing my every effort is futile. "You're telling me you'd kill your own husband?"

    There's humor in her eyes, but she feigns offense. "I would never say such a thing."

    But she did, and she knows it. She's behind all of this. She wanted the prophecy to come true, because then, my death warrant would be as good as signed. Lochlan would lose his title, and with Thaddeus dead, she'd be free to lead the armies, create a new rule book by which to abide, and lead her armies to eradicate every Healer in existence. A genius plan, really. And by genius, I mean pure fucking evil. "And what happens when your husband comes back down here? Is he going to be okay when he finds me fried to a crisp? You think I'll keep silent about your plans?"

    She chuckles. "And you think he'll believe you? I'm his most loyal confidante. As for your wounds, I'll simply unchain you, make you heal yourself, and restrain you again. You'll have no proof that I ever harmed a hair on your pretty little head."

    I glare up at her, my contempt burning so hot that my head is pounding from the stress. "And what makes you think I won't take you down before you have a chance to put me back in these chains?"

    She's nonplussed. She presses the button to the torch and blue flames flare outward, hissing in the space between us. "A little incentive goes a long way. I know about your family. How heartbreaking would it be for the nephew you saved to end up dead before morning? Or, perhaps, an eye for an eye? I could always visit your brother, the soldier?"

    That shuts me up. "You win. Do whatever you want with me. Just don't... Please, don't hurt my-"

    The pain is a hundred times worse. I didn't get to finish begging. She shoots white-hot fire into the flesh of my thighs, right where she'd left her previous marks, and I'm making sounds no human should make. I'm wailing, I'm sobbing, I'm banging my head against the concrete in the hopes that I'll simply pass out. I don't.

    After what feels like forever, she releases the nozzle and steps away, her nose wrinkled in revulsion. "I'll never get used to the smell of burning flesh."

    'Poor you,' I want to say, but I don't dare. She's taken the fight out of me. I'm a sniffling, wheezing lump on the floor. Snot trails from my nose, drool from my lips, and the tears refuse to stop coming. "Please," I whimper, because all I can think of right now is my family, and I can't let them die. Not because of me. I'll keep my mouth shut. I suck at secrets, but I'll be a master at keeping this one. I refuse to let anyone else die because of me. Marit is right; I'm not worth it. I never was.

    I flinch when I feel her hands wrapping around mine, then collapse onto my side when the cuffs open. I keep my legs splayed, not daring to touch the oozing wounds she created.

    "Heal," she commands, and because I'm desperate for relief, I obey. It takes longer than I wanted, but soon, I'm fully recovered. I keep my eyes downcast; I don't want to give her another reason to replay this ordeal.

    "I trust I have your vow of silence?" she asks next, and I nod. I mean it, and she knows it, too. Satisfied, she grabs hold of my hands again and snaps the cuffs back into place. With that, she stands, returns the torch and wand back to their places on the table, and leaves me alone again.

    With nothing left to do, I lean back, my eyelids squeezed tightly shut, and cry myself to sleep.


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  Canadianmummy on Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:45 am

    I am still up to my father's face, "This is not what I expected to happen! I get it, I am the idiot for standing up to you...she is not a threat, you were attacking me. She defended surprise."

    My father sits behind his desk, "Lochlan, their is no future with her. You know the prophecy! How can you even risk it?" I don't really know how to answer this, "Something just doesn't add up..., this prophecy and you send me? Doesn't seem overly smart."

    My father gives me another look, I look straight back "I am not here to play games, I shouldn't have brought her here..I thought she would be safe. I love her and I didn't plan on it but that is what happened."

    I get silence of course, he looks at me somewhat impressed actually.

    "Let her go, I will take her far away, you will never see either of us until you want too."

    That is when I hear it, a loud bang.

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:03 am

    Because of the god chains, there's no beefed up security detail for me. There stands one guard at the foot of the stairway, and as luck would have it, he's the soldier I healed the first time I visited this godforsaken place. Bright green eyes are trained on me, and he looks at me as if he can't figure me out. It's better than the standard looks of derision, at least.

    I readjust the position of my wrists inside my cuffs. The skin is rubbed raw and bleeding in places. That's what I get for falling asleep while chained up in a torture dungeon. "Glad to see you're doing better," I say, studying the man in front of me.

    He looks as if he wants to remain silent and keep to his job, but he's warring with his own moral code as well. Finally, he speaks. "Yes, ma'am. I have you to think for that."

    I smile. I enjoy a friendly face. It's taking me away from my own thoughts right now, so I take advantage of his company. "What's your name?"

    He hesitates, then sighs. "Audric, ma'am."

    I snort. "Call me Cora. Cool name, by the way."

    He says nothing to that. Making friends with the prisoner would be frowned upon. The walkie at his hip screeches to life, and he grabs it swiftly, waiting for a message to come through. Fed up with silence, he presses the button and speaks into it. "Finn?"

    The screech comes again, then a number of frenzied voices come through at once. "Breach!"

    Audric is at attention now. He looks around, his gaze settling on me, and grits his teeth. There's something happening and he's stuck here with me.

    He picks up the walkie again. "Finn, talk to me. A breach at the front entrance?"

    Sounds of static. Shouts. "Killed the guards in the tower! They're coming-"

    There's another pause. I'm on alert, too. Where is Lochlan? Is he in danger?

    "Coming where? Finn, I need a position!"

    "Clear the General's home! They might be headed for the prisoner!"

    Behind those words, I heard the slashing of blades, I heard growls and screams, and I'm stuck in these god chains.

    He turns as if to leave, then stops, his fists clenched at his sides. There's panic in his eyes. I tug against my restraints and give him my most imploring look. "Audric, I'm powerful. I can neutralize the threat. You know I can, or I wouldn't be in these chains."

    He grits his teeth and shakes his head. "I have strict orders, ma'am."

    My fear is reaching new levels. "Lochlan is somewhere up there. If he's in danger-" I shake my head, because I can't entertain the thought. He's strong and he's capable, but I've no idea how many intruders we're up against. And they're likely here for me.

    "Lochlan holds his own," Audric snaps, his anger causing his voice to quake. "You heard Finn. The Dark ones are after you. There's no other reason they'd risk coming here."

    "Then let me help you fight them!" I'm desperate, trembling with the need to get up and get to the main floor. If it weren't for the soundproofed basement, I'm sure I'd be hearing a hell of a struggle. "They've got to be here by now. Your General is at risk. Take off these chains and I'll help you. Hell, you can throw me right back down here when I'm finished."

    Finn is screaming through the walkie again. They need assistance in the General's mansion. I'm pulling so hard against my cuffs, blood is dripping down my arms. "For the love of god, please," I beg him. "I can end this, you know I can."

    I expect him to leave me here alone, fed up with my pleas. Instead, hating himself every step of the way, he stalks forward and releases me. I waste no time getting to my feet. I look into his eyes, the most stunning emerald hue, and I thank him. And then we run.

    When we crest the top of the stairs, literal chaos surrounds us. There are so many gods, so many staring faces, and they all turn to face me. I spot Thaddeus and Lochlan among the rest of their soldiers, battling it out with the intruders, blades cutting through the air, the floor littered with heads and limbless corpses. There are many more to fight, though, and I'm not liking our odds.

    When Lochlan sees me, he freezes for only a moment, but it's enough for the Dark fighter to gain on him. I push the god back with my mind, paralyzing him against the wall. Lochlan slices his dagger through the air and beheads him.

    Now, though, half of the gods are focused on me. With the bodies of both Dark and Light soldiers lying at my feet, I step closer, challenging them to advance. Audric takes the opportunity to start dicing up the Dark ones while I look around for a way to end this mess.

    My eyes zero in on a discarded dagger below me, one with intricate carvings and a curved, dangerous blade, and I raise it with the power of my thoughts. It balances delicately in the air, and then twists, until its sharpest point is facing the intruders. I let a slow smile spread across my face before I send it careening through the air like a boomerang; it spins at the speed of light, zipping through the air, its blade slicing through the necks of every fighter who came here with the intent to do harm. Bodies drop like flies as the dagger makes its way in a full circle around the room; it hisses not a centimeter away from Thaddeus' face before burying itself into the throat of the man he's fighting. In seconds, every last Dark god is dead. The dagger clatters to the floor, the sound of the drop piercing the sudden and absolute silence in the room.

    I have the General's army staring me down, their gazes incredulous, their mouths dropped. I focus only on Lochlan. When I know he's okay, my eyes well up with unshed tears. He's okay, he's alive, and I got to see him at least once more before I'm killed.

    "Lochlan," I whisper, and I want to tell him I love him, I need him, to forget this place and escape somewhere with me, but all I can manage is his name. He looks back at me as if he knows, and simply nods. Now's not the time to wax poetic about each other. We need to leave.


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  Canadianmummy on Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:19 am

    My father reaches to grab me but I am running towards Cora, even though I know she doesn't need my help. I get to her and suddenly another Dark one is killed right next to me by her, before I can say anything, my father has arrived.

    Their is a sea of dead bodies and I know more will be coming, for right now we have a few moments of peace. My father looks at Cora, "How did the prisoner get let out?" he starts to say calmly, no one says anything. "Who?" he snaps again, finally Audric steps forward. My father eyes him and then looks to me, "Kill him, Lochlan."

    "What? I have to get Cora out of here..." I start to say but my father stops me by the arm, his hand is instantly broken off in pain. We both see Cora is responsible for that. I look at my father, "Clearly, I have my own protection now...I am not going to kill the man who helped free Cora and we are getting away from you."

    My father looks insanely pissed, his arm broken for the time being but it will heal, just not as fast as Cora can. He looks to the soldier, going closer to him and I take this as my chance. Cora starts to object as I grab her hand and she holds me against the wall with her magic, wanting to go back for Audric, "Cora, we have to go...this is it, I know you want to save him but he made his choice, listen to me. Please..we have to go." Cora lets down whatever power is holding me, I take her hand and just as the sword lands on Audric's neck do we teleport out.

    I teleport back to the London house, my father can find us no matter where we go. Her shield is still down, I have no idea where to start. "Summon the warlock, we need to summon something..." Cora looks defeated, I go up to her "I don't know who to trust Cora, my own dimension sells me out...Earth is not safe. I don't know how to protect you. I don't know at all...what to do."


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:37 am

    The warlock can read minds, and that's what worries me. I swore to keep Marit's secret, because if I don't, she'll kill my family. How do I shield my own thoughts?

    I've never summoned anyone before, but I have to give it a shot. If he can repair my shield, surely he can do something to cloak my family from danger. Here's to hoping.

    I close my eyes and call out his name. "Caius."

    In an instant, he stands before us, worry lining his features. "Cora." He studies me, but I'm busy trying to fill my mind with so much bullshit that he can't filter out what I lived through in that basement. I'm running through a list of the best hits of the 2000s, I'm calling forth plot lines of my favorite television series and movies, I'm scrambling my thoughts in the hopes that he won't see what's beneath it all.

    "I need you to shield my family," I say, my eyes still closed, my mind still racing. I try my best not to think of Marit. "I'll do anything, I just need you to protect them. Hide them. Caius, please."

    I feel his hands grasping my arms, and I know he's confused. "Of course, dear. I will."

    I'm grinding my teeth together, my eyes glued shut. "Now, please. Right now."

    He disappears only to reappear in a handful of seconds. "They are safe, Cora. I've repaired your shield, as well. Why are you hiding from me?"

    I shake my head. "I just need them safe." I'm crying again. It feels like that's all I've done lately. "Please promise me they won't die because of me."

    His arms are around me. His warmth envelops me. "Your thoughts are jumbled. Tell me what you are hiding, love."

    I shake my head again, violently. "I can't."

    He stills. He saw something. His grip around me tightens. "Why do I see fire?"

    Now Lochlan is on edge. I can feel the tension in the room reaching new levels. Even friendly, collected Caius is growing frustrated. He places his hand against my head. "This may hurt," he says, and then I'm hit with the worst headache I've ever had in my life. I try to conceal my thoughts, but it's useless. The events in the basement play out as if they're on the big screen, in vivid, horrifying detail. He sees everything.

    When he breaks away, he stumbles back, and all happiness is gone from his eyes. Instead, I see fury.

    He spins and points to Lochlan. "Your mother dies tonight."

    Panic races through me. I want to stop him, to tell him he can't do anything, that it's too dangerous. Lochlan looks at me, concern and hurt in his eyes, and when Caius storms out, Lochlan follows. We've only just left his dimension and the secret is already out.


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  Canadianmummy on Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:43 am

    I look at the warlock heading out, I quickly stop him and ask what the hell happened? Without any more words, Caius places his hands on the sides of my head, I am then looking at what my own mother did to Cora and what she's planned. I break off, having seen enough of the torture part.

    "You think you can just go to my realm, kill my mother. I get you're a powerful warlock but you can't even come close to stopping her. This is not how it will be done, you have to plan it better..." I start to say, Caius looks back and in my face.

    "I am sick of you gods, thinking you're better than anyone else...your mother tortured your love, are you not pissed?" He says, "Of course I am but I also know the Dark Ones are entering my home right now, looking for Cora."


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Tue Mar 13, 2018 8:09 am

    I stand outside the house, watching the two men bicker, and the only relief I have is knowing that for now, my family is safe. I need to warn them somehow.

    The warlock crosses his arms and stares back at Caius, his muscles flexing beneath his pea coat. "I know you're thinking of returning to your dimension to warn your father. I ask you, do you firmly believe he'll take your word for it? Moreover, Marit threatened the lives of Cora's family. Should you return, will you keep your calm about you the moment you see her? The woman who took a blowtorch to your beloved?"

    I shudder and pick at the blood on my dress. I didn't want that memory coming back, but there's no avoiding it. I may have healed, but the charred blood and pus are still dried on my skin. I'd kill for a shower and a phone call home. "Returning isn't a good idea," I finally say, my gaze settling on Lochlan. "Marit can't know that you're onto her. Is there someone you can summon to pass word to Thaddeus? Oscar, maybe?" I don't know. I'm desperate. I don't want to be separated from Lochlan again. I just got him back and barely escaped with my life.


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  Canadianmummy on Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:01 am

    I just got inside the house, leading Cora inside and give the warlock a look to go away. "I will stay here. They are not my family anymore and I don't know what is going to happen...."

    Warlock looks at me, "I do give you a lot of respect, you are perhaps the most logical god I have spoken too." I look at him, "I still don't like you but you will look after Cora's family." The men shake hands, I watch him kiss Cora's forehead and leave.

    Cora goes upstairs, I grab a drink of whiskey. My father is going to die and he has no idea, the bastard controlled me most of my life. I do owe him for who I am today but I have spent so long out of battle, I grow softer and Cora is to thank for that, in the best way possible.

    I look up the stairs, hearing the water. I drink down what's left in my glass. I head upstairs and find her in the master bedrooms shower. The water has been turned on, she turns around seeing me come in and before I can say anything, she is kissing me gently. She breaks off and unbottons my shirt. I need no more instruction and take off the rest of my clothes, she does her own and we both get into the shower.

    The moment the water touches her, she breaks down and I hold her firmly. I hold her until she collapses and we are on the floor of this huge stand up shower. I finally hold her face, I look at her "We need to have this child...." she looks at me confused, "It will be hard, protecting it...but you heard the prophecy. My mother in charge is not a good thing, this child will help. It will fix everything...I know it is meant for great things."

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:22 am

    I stare at him in shock. His father could be dying at this moment, everything is in shambles, his mother is set to take over his dimension, and we're considering parenthood. It's not out of spite or rebellion that I take the moment to consider his words. I actually see the sense in it.

    This is crazy. A demigod child running amok? I imagine the chaos that would ensue. More lives would be lost. Everything would be thrown into jeopardy.

    I ponder his suggestion and lift my hands to cover his own as they cradle my face. "Our child won't be a weapon. A demigod is not a fix. This would be a child we'd need to protect, love, and nurture. I want you to understand that."


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  Canadianmummy on Tue Mar 13, 2018 10:21 am

    I look at her, truthfully I did think of that. It was a solution to stopping my mother. I look at her, "I should be concerned about my father but I am not. I don't need a pity party but my parents are not good people you have seen from experience....I can't" I take a minute before I continue," what they did, I brought you there Cora. You were supposed to be safe with me...."

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Tue Mar 13, 2018 11:18 am

    I bring my hand to the curve of his jaw, my thumb gently stroking the skin of his cheek. "What happened was not on you," I whisper to him, hoping he'll take my words to heart. "We'll figure this out. We have to."

    He nods, his eyes closing as I bring forth my energy not to heal, but to calm. There are no wounds to fix, and while I can't take away his turmoil, I can show him my love for him. I can help him breathe through the madness.

    I lean closer, our lips barely inches apart. "If we make this child, we'll start a war."

    His eyes open and settle on mine. There is a sense of peace within them, and with it comes determination. He moves closer, and when he speaks, his lips are moving against mine. "And we'll win."

    I reach up to turn off the shower and extend my hand toward him. Together, we stand. His hand in mine, I lead him toward the bedroom. We take our time, unhurried and deliberate, and I feather my fingers delicately across his chest as he leans back across the bed. It seems fucked up that this is all happening within hours of torture and murder and dismemberment, but nothing about our relationship is normal. We're about to make a demigod.

    I straddle him, the water still on our bodies from the shower soaking through the bed sheets, and grab hold of his erection. I reach behind my back and stroke him as we kiss, and he brings his fingers to the aching spot between my thighs, parting my folds to tease my clit. I grind myself against his stomach while his free hand reaches up to palm my breast.

    I'm nervous at the idea of what our future holds. We're moving fast, and there's no going back from this once it's begun. But somehow, deep inside of me, I want this. I feel as if I've always needed this. Whether it's destiny or impulse, I don't care. I want to walk this wild, scary road with the man beneath me.

    "You ready to make a demigod?" I say breathlessly, lifting myself up until I'm hovering above him, positioning him at my entrance.

    There's a mixture of wonder and something else in his eyes. His nod is all I need.

    Without a word more, I sink down and take in a deep breath as he fills me. I rock against him, relishing the feel of skin against skin, no barriers, only him and me and whatever the fates have in store for us.

    His hands move to my hips to guide me, and while I rise and lower myself above him, I lean forward to kiss him again. Our movements are slow and steady, the quiet sounds of our breathing filling the room as our lips and tongues meet. When I pick up speed, he holds me tighter and bucks into me, meeting my every backward slide halfway. I gasp into his mouth, feeling him smiling against me.

    He rolls me over effortlessly without losing our momentum and grabs my leg to hike it up around his torso. I do the same with the other, then cry out when he fills me to the hilt again, burying himself so far inside me that my thighs quake.

    "Lochlan," I groan, and then his mouth latches onto one hardened nipple and suckles gently. I drag my nails down his back and stop when my hand reaches his ass. I squeeze and pull him closer, looking up at the man I love as he rocks in and out of me, and the nightmarish events of our day are forgotten. I only see him, only feel him, and I don't want this to end.

    When the orgasm hits, it's better than I'd remembered. Different somehow. I whimper his name and tilt my hips higher to receive every thrust, riding through each convulsion until he follows suit, releasing himself inside me. I clench my muscles around him, desperate to milk him of every last drop. He buries his head into my shoulder and I run my fingers through his hair until he's finished. He remains inside me for a long moment and listens as I pant into his ear, waiting for my heartbeat to still.

    He lifts his head to gaze down at me, and I smile. "Lochlan, I'm almost positive that absolutely, one hundred percent, in a crazy, weird, rushed way... I love you."


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  Canadianmummy on Tue Mar 13, 2018 3:27 pm

    I roll over and look at what she has said, "I think we are far past love, we have reached....let's skip all of it and make a kid." I do have something up my sleeve, this amazing woman makes me want to do this corny shit. Just to see her smile.

    I stroke her hair, I watch her drift to sleep and soon I am up. Lots to do.

    I call upon Ciaus again, he is invited in. Before he could even knock, I had it open. He walks in looking at me curiously. "I want to marry Cora, I want it to be soon. I know she would want her family there..., she seems to enjoy those people."

    Ciaus smiles at me, I look at him " I am crazy and impulsive, I get that...."

    He approaches me and hugs me, breaks off "A wedding is exactly what is needed! I must stress though, this would be a last goodbye. I can take down the shields long enough to find her family, have a celebration. Then you and I know full well, you can't be around them or your mother or anyone else could find them."

    I nod, "Do it."


    I wake Cora up, I did run out and grab her fresh clothes. I tell her nothing and just to get cleaned up, ready to leave in 10 minutes. I pretend it's an emergency. We rush and teleport once she is ready, we appear in front of her father's house. The backyard, which is reasonably sized. Enough to hold what seems to be a party. Cora looks around, looks back to me "I would teleport everyone to Greece if I could, marry you next to some exotic cliff in Hawaii...but this backyard, where you grew up; where your father punched the first guy in the face who hurt you..., he doesn't have to punch me. " I kneel before her on one knee, I hold up a ring of all rings. Really the Warlock watched her while I went to get it, don't ask questions, I'm a God.

    I look up at her and I wait for her response.

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Wed Mar 14, 2018 5:05 am

    I stare down at the ring in his hand, then back into his face. He's serious? He wants to be stuck with me for eternity? I mean, we are trying to have a baby, but still. I look around, my heart swelling with happiness because of where we are, because of what he's planned. I see tables and chairs, a gazebo, string lights and lanterns, and two long ribbons attached to the rows of chairs on both sides, creating a line through the clearing, straight toward the center. Where we'll be, saying our I Dos, should I accept.

    Man, what a great opportunity to fuck with him. I have to do something to quell the butterflies, and laughter will do the trick. I offer him a sad and strained smile, shifting my weight from foot to foot. "Lochlan, I just... I don't... I don't think I can say yes to this."

    I'm horrible. I'm evil. I want to take it back immediately when I see his face fall. He's trying not to look let down, but I can see it in those gorgeous eyes of his. Instantly, I grin and step closer. "I can say fuck yes, though."

    The light in his eyes is back again. I'm apologizing through my laughter when he stands and scoops me up into a hug. Before he has a chance to put the ring on my finger, I'm kissing him. He lets me, grinning against my lips, and goddamn, this is all so romantic. We're in the backyard of my childhood home. The decorations are up. Holy shit, I'm betrothed.

    We break off after a moment and I hold up my hand so that he can slip the ring on. It's obviously expensive, but not gaudy. It's elegant, but also different. It's something outside the norm, which fits me, no, us, perfectly. I squeal and kiss him again. I'm close to dragging him off somewhere to celebrate when I hear a series of feminine whoops of cheer. We turn to see Katherine, my sister-in-law, barreling toward us, fist pumping the air.

    "It's a-go, people! It's a-go! Oh my god, I love weddings." She's already in a dress, her hair in a striking updo, and struggles to run with her heels sinking into the lawn. When she reaches us, she pulls me into a bear hug, still squealing her head off in excitement. "Girlfriend, we have work to do. I have so many ideas." Then she points to Lochlan, faux anger on her face. "You, sir, gave me a ton to do in less than a day's time. I haven't even slept. The cake arrives around noon, and let me tell you, I had to really haggle some bitches to get it done on time. No one seems to see the romanticism in a shotgun wedding." She tosses him her phone, then, while she catches a breath. "Start calling my husband and get him to wrangle the family. I'm going to be busy with your fiancée. By the way, that gazebo is off center and it's annoying me. Luke says you basically have Hulk strength, so, like, a little to the left, okay? But not too much."

    Lochlan smirks and gives her an obedient nod. "Consider it done."

    Katherine sighs and nudges me in the side with her elbow. "Do you ever get tired of that accent?"

    I laugh. "Nope."

    She nods. "I knew it." Then she takes my hand and drags me away toward the house. "Come on, honey. We're going vintage today."

    She just said the magic word. With more pep in my step than ever, I practically skip after her.

    My old bedroom is basically an homage to old Hollywood. Well, mostly '50s Marlon Brando, a little Paul Newman, and a bit of James Dean with some Montgomery Clift speckled in, too. There are posters on the wall of all my old beaus, and further into the '70s, we have my Billy Jack poster. I briefly had a thing for Tom Laughlin.

    Yep, while other teenage girls my age were polishing their pearls to Channing Tatum and the boys from Twilight, I loved me some Marlon. Young Marlon, naturally. Stanley Kowalski, Marlon.

    I stop admiring my posters when Katherine emerges from my closet holding my graduation dress, the classic 1950s red and black, rose printed beauty with the teeny waist and the even teenier black-striped midsection. Then she pulls out a pair of killer red pumps, which I also wore when I celebrated the ending of my high school days. I spent the majority of my teen years dressing like a pin-up girl, my hair done up, my cat eye fierce, and red lips popping. I always adored the look. I just didn't adore the upkeep. I abandoned the style when I entered college, but damn, do I miss it.

    Katherine's choice is so perfect, I tackle her with a hug. "You are fucking amazing."

    She offers me a sly smile and a slight shrug. "I know."

    I'm starting to get emotional. She's doing all this for me, and I don't know when I'll be able to see my family again after this. I try to choke back the tears and fail. "This whole thing, Kat? The decorations and all this planning in a day's notice? It means so much to me, I can't even tell you."

    She lets me squeeze the life out of her and gently pats me on the back. "Might as well get it all out now, sweetie. I won't have you crying once the makeup is on."

    We're back to laughing again. And then we begin.

    She's curling and teasing my hair while I sit at my old-fashioned vanity and she stands behind me with a comb and hairspray. I lucked out when my brother married a hairdresser. "So, obviously you've been through a lot of personal stuff, and Caius didn't go into detail, but holy hell, sis. Warlocks and gods and demigod prophecies?"

    I wasn't aware she knew. Then again, Ryan would have had to tell Dad and Luke, and we all know that Luke can't keep shit from his wife. I'm okay with the secret being out, and I know that with Caius looking out, they're protected. I just hate that I can't be here after the day is over. I don't know when I'll be able to return.

    "So, anyway, I picked up some Prosecco," she says, moving on entirely, her mind working a mile a minute. While one hand has tendrils of my hair wrapped in a curling iron, the other grabs two champagne glasses and balances them on the table. I may not be pregnant yet, but I'm not sure I should be drinking. "You go ahead," I tell her. "I'll stick with my water."

    "Okay, but I'm just saying if you're worried about fitting into your dress, it won't be an issue. A little prosecco isn't going to-" She stops, then spins my chair around until I'm facing her. There's awe on her face. "Holy shit, baby, are you pregnant?"

    She practically yelled out the question. I cringe when the room fills with men. I stare into the faces of my father and my brothers, and the kids are a short ways behind. Luke's eyes are the widest of them all. "Fuck me sideways. You got a little bun in you, kid?"

    My father looks like he might be sick. I realize how sudden this is. He had to hear everything secondhand by way of Ryan, and now this. I stand when the hot curler is out of my hair and step towards him. "I don't know. We're trying. We want this. It just feels right, and I know how fast this is, but I can't explain it. It's like we were always supposed to be together, like this, and it's... Okay, it sounds fucking corny, but it feels like destiny."

    I haven't exactly placated my father, but I'll work on that when I can get him alone. Ryan stands with his arms crossed, looking uncomfortable. "Sweetheart, you heard Caius. You'll have a war on your hands."

    My father nods in agreement. He's looking a little pale. I hand him my water bottle and encourage him to take a sip or two. And maybe have a seat, as well. He takes me up on it and sits on my bed.

    "I know that, too," I reply. "But we can win. Not to brag, but my powers are more than I ever thought they could be. I can't even imagine what our child will be capable of. Not that that's why we're having her, of course."

    Katherine gasps and clutches her hands to her chest. "Oh my gosh, it's a girl?"

    I chuckle. "Remember, it hasn't happened yet. It's just that the prophecies predicted a girl."

    Luke claps his hands together. "I'm happy for you, kid. You're a fucking badass, and we'll never be able to repay you for what you did for Jacob. Scariest fucking moment of my life."

    Now he's getting choked up, and Katherine's joining him, and soon we're all hugging it out. I'm going to miss them all so dearly. Whatever happens, I'll do my best to stay in touch.

    Kat is soon back in business mode. She ushers everyone out and closes the door. "Okay, we don't have all day. It's time to get you looking like Gene Tierney again."

    I plop myself back down at my vanity and get to work on my makeup. "God, today is officially the best day. Fuck it, I'm going pinup again. I miss it."

    She smirks and resumes curling my hair. "The wedding photos are going to be stunning. Oh my god, and Sophia is a photographer now. Did you know that? Ryan was worried about calling her, but it turns out she's getting separated! Like, how perfect is that? They're dating again. Anyway, she's totally taking snaps today. Ryan can barely keep his hands off of her."

    Today just got even better. I hope I'm not jinxing it by thinking that.

    Fuck it, it's my wedding day. No bad vibes on my wedding day.

    I'm teased up, dolled up, and wearing the dress I wore ten years ago. It still fits, but I'd forgotten about the cleavage. The girls are ready for their close-up, that's for sure. My boobs look amazing.

    "Your boobs look amazing," Kat says, nodding in approval.

    "Right? If Lochlan doesn't ravish me, I might do it myself."

    We're two cackling idiots for the next few minutes while I slip into my red pumps and she hands me a bag. "Lochlan packed it. Feels a little light, honestly. Said you'd need it."

    I open it and look inside. My face would be bright red if it weren't for all the makeup. It's my getting-laid-tonight panties, the same ones I told Lochlan to put back in the drawer unless he planned on fucking me. Well, it's our wedding day, and he most definitely plans on it now. I'm out of breath from laughter by the time I slip out of what I'm wearing underneath and put on the lacy, red, stringy pair my betrothed packed for me.

    I admire myself in the mirror, because damn it, I look good. I look back at Katherine with the biggest smile I can manage. "I'm about to be a married woman. Holy shit."

    She grins back with pride. "Let it sink in, baby. I remember the feeling."

    I sigh and smooth down the ends of my dress. "I'm not even going to call him Lochlan anymore. His name is now Husband." I spin in a circle, giving off my best old Hollywood impression, my voice breathy and feminine. "I've prepared us a lamb dinner, Husband. Let's go out for a movie, Husband." I moan and caress my curves, going for a sultry vibe. "Take me, Husband."

    We're howling again. We've lost all sense of decency. We're kids at a wedding, cracking inappropriate jokes, dangerously close to crying off all our makeup. Soon, Sophia comes to get us. It's almost time.

    I turn to Kat and hug her again. I thank her, I touch up my lipstick, and then I head out to let Lochlan make an honest woman out of me.

    Cora's vintage look:


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

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    I was handed a phone by Katherine, I don't know who she thinks I am? This idea was the most romantic thing I have ever done. I want to marry Cora and get the hell out of here. This is all moving so fast but it feels right, it felt right the last time I almost did this too but I am not going to bring that up.

    No, Cora is it. She is the kind of girl you give up a whole dimension for.

    I make awkward phone calls and quickly head in for a drink, I am greeted by Elliot. He holds up a scotch towards me and walks off indicating I follow him. I do. We take a seat in a little study area. Elliot also has a drink in his hand as I sit across from him, he looks at me "This is very soon and Cora is my daughter, not some rules to a prophecy."

    Before answering I take a drink, "Sir, I don't know what it is exactly....but I adore your daughter. Their is no other words I can really use. She will be safe with me but in all honesty, the biggest thing I love about her....she can take care of herself. The amount of times she has saved my life..., she is not my assignment but soon-to-be wife."

    Elliot looks at me, taking in what I said and nods. I know it's a lot, she will be leaving. Heck, I don't even have family here. "Yes, you do." I hear behind me out of nowhere, I look round and see Oscar! I actually smile and we hug each other in greeting. I break off and introduce him to Elliot, who soon leaves us to talk.

    "How did you find out about this?" I ask him, Oscar looks at me "Cora had my number, figured you would need someone on your team here."

    I look at him in silence, he looks back "Our dimension is fucked up..."

    I laugh, not sure how much he knows. I know he can tell what I am thinking being friends for so long. "I want to thank you, not selling me out."

    "I would never...." he looks back at me, we soon cough and head upstairs. I walk into a room and see a suit hanging for me. One I picked out of course, had to make time for that. Being a God is awesome.

    I am just finishing the touches on my tie, Oscar has his own suit on as well when suddenly the bedroom door is swung open by a woman I have seen before from afar, she has a wine glass in her hands and looks me over, "Well, my daughter...certainly has good taste." I go over and offer my hand, she shakes it and looks at me.

    "I can't believe this has happened..., couldn't find another girl? Has to be this exact one huh?" She asks, I think about my response "I have given up pretty much everything, so no...not as simple to find another girl."

    She touches my face,"Wow, you are sexy..."

    I laugh awkwardly, "I believe Cora is down the hall...." She downs her wine like it's a shot of tequila and hands it to me empty. She stumbles out of the room and I look at Oscar who was watching, he has a look of disturbed on his face "Your mother in law..just told were sexy."

    "Surprisingly, not the first time that has happened..." I say, Oscar nods "I can believe that..."

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

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    I've finished speaking with Jacob and Ellie, the most adorable three-year-old to ever grace the earth, as her big brother instructs her on what to do when she comes down the aisle. She's more interested in the flower petals in the big, pretty basket, but I'm fine with it. I'm just grateful to have everyone here.

    A pang of sadness hits me when I realize, again, that Lochlan has no family to represent him here. I know I called Oscar and he was over the moon about attending, but it doesn't feel like I've done nearly enough. Part of me wants to warn Lochlan's best friend about Marit and Thaddeus, but the other half is selfishly holding the secret close to my chest for fear of losing my family. No option comes without its risks. I'm lost.

    When I turn, I spot Lochlan down the hall and duck into the nearest doorway. Can't see the bride before the big moment, and all that. I wait it out for a moment and I'm about to crane my head to peek out when a face appears before me. My heart is in my throat. She looks aged, her hair could use a brush, and she smells of wine and cigarettes.


    Do I hug her? Do I stay back? I was feeling so good about this day until now. Guilt consumes me when I take in the state of her, but also anger, because she left when I was a kid. How did she expect her children to react when she spoke of the supernatural, weird shit she did? We were the laughing stock of the neighborhood; the mother who claimed we were being watched, not by the government, but by gods and warlocks and evildoers. While most mothers were working or making dinners or reading bedtime stories to their kids, mine wandered the streets telling anyone who would listen about the terrible god wars on the horizon. One day, she was simply gone.

    "You had to go and do it," she slurs, leaning against the wall and crossing her arms, her gaze traveling the length of me and back up again. "I will say, you look stunning."

    I clear my throat and run my hands down my dress. I've begun sweating. "Mom, I've been wanting to apologize. We never... I never believed you."

    She nods. "You were a child then. You're, what, twenty-seven now? And yet you're still marrying the god. You've just signed the death warrants of so many people. So many wars and bloodshed when you could have simply chosen a nice, normal boy."

    Inside, I'm livid. I can't make a scene here. Before I can respond, Ryan and Luke are rushing down the hall with Dad on their heels. They stop behind my mother, anger and disbelief on their faces. She turns and regards them with a simple bob of her head. I'm the emotional drunk; she's apparently quite the opposite.

    "Who brought her here?" my father demands, looking back and forth between my brothers, and then hesitantly, me. I shake my head.

    Ryan steps forward. "I tracked her down, Dad. I had a little help." Meaning Caius, but he wasn't going to flat-out say it. Before Dad has a chance to respond, Ryan continues. "I saw she was in no shape to attend the wedding, so I left. I didn't even tell her where it was, or when."

    My mother laughs bitterly. "Didn't need to, Ryan." She taps the side of her head in explanation. Of course.

    Dad sighs and runs a hand over his beard, then stands back to make way. "I want her out of here, Son. She's not ruining Cora's day."

    My dad's stern voice is back, and everyone knows that despite its rarity, it's not to be taken lightly. He's on edge enough as it is. Ryan nods. "Yes, sir." He puts his hand on Mom's shoulder and gently pulls her out into the hallway. "Come on, Mom. Let's get some fresh air."

    My mother is fighting him. He doesn't want to manhandle her; he keeps his grip light while Luke helps to wrangle her away, but she squirms, her stare boring into me. "You cannot have this child," she calls out as she tries to pry her sons' hands away, desperation in her eyes. "You'll decimate entire dimensions. You'll lose far more than you stand to gain!"

    I'm shaking. I clutch my stomach, and it feels like my heart has fallen there, too. I know this baby is the answer. I know this is our destiny. I can't hear shit like this, especially not at my wedding. I can cry or I can get pissed, and given the state of my makeup, I settle on pissed.

    "Please get her out of here," I say to my brothers, my tone a little rougher than I'd intended. I know Ryan hadn't meant to lead her here, but the disappointment of seeing her exactly how I'd always remembered her stings more than I wanted it to. She's no mother. She's a damaged, sad woman who needs more help than I could ever offer.

    My father steps closer and takes me into his arms. "I'm sorry, pumpkin," he says into my ear as he pats my back, his voice soft and comforting. "Try to forget about it. This is your day."

    Outwardly, I nod, but inside, I'm a mess. My mom's a nutcase, but she's never been wrong.

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

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