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    Love story

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    Love story

    Post  Sharon Salvatore on Thu Feb 21, 2013 12:41 pm

    Priyanka woke up to the sun beaming into her room, groaning slightly. She knew going to bed a lot earlier would have been the smarter thing to do but she was stressing out over upcoming events.
    The streets of Toronto were already loud, enough for her to get out of bed and take a look out the window. The neighbours across the street were getting another story added to their mansion. She rolled their eyes and headed to her bathroom.

    This house, her parents recently purchased two years ago, did have it's perks. No longer was she sharing her bathroom hours with her annoying little brother. As she dressed into her sari, deciding on the light pink one today, she could hear her mother call up, "Priyanka...come on, it's almost time for you to leave. You will miss the bus...stop looking at yourself in that mirror."

    Priyanka put on a little lip balm, she never wore make up. Not that she never thought about it but her father hated it, constantly while watching television he would comment on all the actresses with her fancy hair and make up, saying how no man would marry a woman like that. Of course, Taylor Swift seems to do pretty well for herself but I never dare say it to him.

    She made her way down the stairs and looked at the clock in the hallway, her mother was right! The bus would be here in no less than ten minutes. She looked back to her mother who was rushing out to give her food, "I have no time Mother...I will have to get something at school." Grabbing her back pack and purse. Her mom scolded how the food at school had nothing nutritional in it.

    Priyanka smiled and kissed her Mother on the cheek and darted for the bus. She was just to the stop when it pulled up and she got on, the bus was full of University of Toronto students. Some were nervous, it was the first day of the first semester. Priyanka could recall her first day at the school two years ago, what a change it was from high school.

    "Priyanka..." She heard someone call her name, looking around and spotted Aaral. They waved and made their way to each other, "This bus is so packed..." Aaral said, annoyance clear in her tone of voice.
    "I know, I hope I am not late for class either...I still need to get some breakfast." Priyanka said, Aaral looked at her, "I will go with you..and you will be fine, you always worry yet you're one of the best students in our year."

    "That doesn't mean I suddenly get privileges..." Priyanka said, defensively. "You should.." Aaral intervined. The bus came to a stop, the girls looked to see they were at the campus already.
    They stepped off the bus and walked into the school, of course this campus was huge. The hallways were filled with students, most with their heads down and looking at their iphones, than looking where they were going.

    Priyanka was not allowed to have such a fancy phone, her father didn't see much use for it. Just something to call if she was in trouble. Aaral was talking about the latest man in her life, another fix up her parents had planned.

    "Priyanka, his eye brows were like Sandy Cohen, bushy bushy...I can not let my children have that same fate." Aaral said, Priyanka was just walking quietly. "Did you see anyone this summer..?"
    Priyanka looked at her as if she was absured, "You know I have to concentrate on school, which is a good thing. It gives me enough time to enjoy my life before I am shipped off and arranged to some man I met when I was eight..."

    "And that's a bad thing, have always been different. You know our parents just want the best for us, to make sure we marry someone who is worthy, why waste our time with losers..." Aaral said.

    "Some losers are waiting for you ladies to make your order.." said a voice behind them, they didn't seem to notice they were in line at the Tim Hortons on campus, both girls looked behind and Priyanka for the first time, had an in pure thought.

    It was a man, tall with dark hair, blue eyes that she couldn't take her eyes off of. "Sorry..." Aaral said hurriedly and went to make her order, "Priyanka, what do you want?"
    Priyanka was still looking at the beautiful man and then to Aaral who gave her a look, "You don't have any money?"
    "Not enough today, come on...I will get you back tomorrow." Aaral said, Priyanka stepped up and ordered an english breakfast tea and bagel with butter. She paid for the meals and stepped to the side to wait, the man then stepped up and made his purchase.

    They stood in line and waited for their food, Priyanka couldn't help but look at him. His face was down and looking at his phone, probably hundreds of texts from his many girlfriends she imagined. He had a gym bag over his right shoulder.

    His muscles that could be seen in his t-shirt, were enough to keep her focus. He finally looked at her, "They are trying to get your attention..." She looked at him, red in the face and grabbed her food.
    She headed out with Aaral, who drank her iced capp and eyed her friend. "You keep staring at that man..."
    "No,I am not..." eating some of her bagel, Aaral was not convinced, "I suppose he is good looking for a white guy..."
    "Aaral..., why are you like that? White guy.., people are people." Priyanka said, Aaral looked at her, "Not to your father, keep that in mind.."

    "Why is that even a thought in your mind...?" Priyanka said, they stopped at her class, "Because blue eyes kept looking at you too..." Aaral said, smiling slightly and Priyanka smiled back.
    "I will meet you for lunch?" Aaral said, Priyanka nodded and headed into her class. She took her seat and took out her text book, the goal was to be a doctor and she was in her third year of earning the credits she needed to be accepted into medical school.

    Apparently, a course on Shakespeare was a requirement. She felt it was a waste of time but would suffer through it, she opened a novel she was reading for some time, as she waited for the Professor to come in.
    Then, she heard that voice again and looked up to see the man walked in. He was in a new shirt, clearly had a shower because his hair was still wet. He was walking in with two other guys, all of them talking and laughing about something.

    He spotted her and made his way to sit with his friends, which was a few desks away from hers. She glanced slightly and could see he was glancing back, she looked away and told herself to stop it. This was just a guy, no different from any other guy. Probably your typical college boy looking to have a good time.
    That was not Priyanka, her goal was to study and get into a good school. Her parents put a lot of faith in her, they were so proud of her. She wanted to follow in her fathers foot steps, he was also a doctor and it was naturally the thing to do.

    The Professor walked in, a middle aged woman with short blonde hair. She kind of reminded her of Ellen Degeneres. The class started, talking about a chapter and going over some notes. After an hour and a half of this, Priyanka snapped awake and listened to the course outline.

    At some point their will be a project, which Priyanka hated doing. A group of people, all not pulling the same weight. It was aggravating to say the least. The class ended and she gathered up her stuff, the novel she was reading fell to the ground and she looked to grab it back up, when someone beat her to it.

    She looked and saw him, holding it out for her. She took it, "Thank you..." as she quickly put her stuff into her back pack, he still stood their, "No problem, looks like an interesting book..better than the first?"
    She looks at him, shocked and nodded, "It goes into a lot more information, on why George was in the cellar."
    "I have my own theories..., anyways, I'll see you tomorrow." He said, looking at her in a way that made her sweat, walking off with his buds who looked back at her and to the man, they seemed to joke about something.

    Priyanka hugged her bag to her and went on about her day, she met up with Aaral for lunch as promised and finally made her way back home. She walked inside and up to her bedroom, closed the door and fell on to her bed. Thinking about this man was almost distracting, she already had a tone of assignments to get started on.

    She stood up and worked away till dinner, she came down and watched as her mom set the last few items on the table, her dad took his seat and smiled to his children. "How was your first day Priyanka?"
    "Fine, had the Shakespeare class. I find it very boring..." She said, her dad smiled "I remember having to suffer through that, it will be worth it in the end darling." She smiled back, her dad was always so supportive. Meanwhile, her brother dressed in baggy pants and t-shirt, could care less. He dug into the food and ignored everyone else in the house, her father snapped at him and suddenly he was sitting up straight.

    Going back upstairs, she did a few more assignments and then got ready for bed. She laid down and drifted off to dreams about the man she couldn't wait to see tomorrow.
    The week went by and they didn't speak, one day she was sitting alone in the library. Laptop out and typing away, when she heard someone sit across from her and saw him, he looked at her, "I don't know anyone else, you working on that assignment due Wednesday?"She looks at him, "I finished that two weeks ago..." He looks at her, "Wish I had thought of that." As he took out his laptop.

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