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    The God and the Healer - RP



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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  Canadianmummy on Mon May 14, 2018 7:53 am

    I look at her, "You're not a God, you don't understand that we have rules. They can make threats all they want, Conway is who holds these rules...don't ask me why, it's just how it works."

    Caius comes over to me, "I can try and talk her down..."

    "Why would she listen to you?" I look at him, Caius looks at me "We need to try all we can, I want to help. I can try..."

    Before we say another word, Niamh appears before us out of nowhere.

    She looks round, "Good, you all got off. Now, maybe, we should have done that years ago after mom died."

    We look at her, I go to say something but she looks at me, "I am not that heartless, I didn't want all of you to die..."

    "Niamh, you have to stop. This is going to end badly for you." I plead with her, she walks off and to a bar cart near by in Caius' office. She takes the top of the whiskey bottle off and doesn't bother with a glass, she takes a swig. She sits on the chair, feet up on the desk.

    "I overheard you speaking about Conway, maybe I pay them a visit? They can't just make the rules anymore." She says, taking another sip.

    Before I say anything, Caius steps up "Many have felt the same but starting a war with Conway, it is heavily protected. It can't be destroyed."
    "You step on their dimension, the----" I start, Niamh looks at me and my mouth is suddenly closed. I can't open it. As if soed shut. I grab the desk, my breathing starts to stop.

    Davina looks at this and comes to my aid, she holds me up as I start to collapse and looks at Niamh and screams that she stops. Suddenly, I gasp on the floor.

    "You're not getting it yet Daddy, I am super powerful...I think I can do a lot of things to Conway and I will building up to that. Got a few more before it " She says, she comes up to me and I have stood up. Davina stands in front of me, causing Niamh to smirk at that.

    "I am not going to kill my father, you can relax...I just don't want any of you telling me what to do? Got it?" She says.

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Mon May 14, 2018 8:12 am

    Davina knew it was pointless. Hell, she was the weakest one in the room by far. Still, she stood as still as a state before Niamh, her husband doing all he could to catch his breath at her back.

    "Niamh, you're a mother. I know that Rowan is everything to you. If you stop this now, maybe Conway can work with us."

    Niamh narrowed her eyes; if looks could kill, Davina would be a mere lump on the floor. "I know you're not that stupid, Davina."

    Before Lochlan could leap to his wife's defense, Caius stepped forward. "Your anger is getting the best of you. You're not thinking clearly."

    Niamh took another swig of whiskey before replying. "All due respect, Caius, I've never thought more clearly in my life. Here I was, going to college on earth to treat all the little puppies and bunnies when what I should've done was dismantle every fucking threat that came our way. I didn't, though. And now my husband is dead. My mother is dead. I could've ended it all before it even began. One of these days, maybe you'll thank me."

    Davina clenched her teeth. "We can't thank you if you're in prison."

    "I'll handle it."

    Behind her, Caius materialized. His intention had been to sneak behind her, close enough to gain contact, and force her to sleep. Without even turning back to look, she flicked her wrist and the warlock fell to the floor, unconscious. Davina gasped and ran to check on her father, to which Niamh merely scoffed. "He's fine. The next person to pull some stupid shit like that is joining him for a nap."

    With that, she sidestepped Caius' body, whiskey bottle in hand. "I have some unfinished business. Tell the Conways I'm ready for them."


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  Canadianmummy on Mon May 14, 2018 8:41 am

    I look defeated, Niamh looks back at me and without another word, she left. Davina feels up my arm, I tell her I am going to Conway. I walk off and she pulls me back, thinking I am going to do something that gets me hurt in return. I look at her, "I need to warn them, I need to do something..."

    I kiss her and tell her it will be okay, I leave to Conway.

    I arrive and approach the gates to come in, it's heavily secured.

    A guard asks for me to state my business here and I inform them I want to speak to Nora.

    I am led to their residence, which sits ontop of a mountain. We enter and I wait, I see a blonde girl come in first. I roll my eyes, "Hello Amy..." I say, she comes over. She looks at me, "I heard, I heard that Lochlan, powerful General was visiting Conway. I had to see for myself..."

    I then get a slap in the face, I look back to her, "It was so many years ago, you're still pissed?"

    She slaps me again, finally Ulrich walks in and Nora not far behind. Ulrich, smirks, "Lochlan, can't say I am pleased to see you."

    "I am.."Nora says, looking at me. I look back to her and then to Ulrich, "I came to talk..."

    We are lead into a large room with chairs and a desk, they indicate I sit down and I do so. I look at them, Ulrich stares, "I understand your daughter, not only destroyed dimensions whose practices were questionable but she also destroyed yours, your home. You must be proud..."

    "Her husband was killed..., she is on a war path. I want to know, what will be her punishment, for all of this?"

    "Her term would be forever, their would be no freedom or death. Forever, she would be a prisoner." He says, to me.

    I sit more forwards and hands to my hair, while saying fuck. I know Davina is going to be pissed, I look at them but before I say anything.

    Ulrich starts talking, "I have a feeling you are about to offer yourself in her place, someone else has already done that. Please, have him join us" He looks to a guard, who opens the door and in trails Cillian, handcuffed.

    "No, definitely not. You are taking me, not my kids." I say, standing up pissed off now. Ulrich looks at me, "What on earth could I use you for?"

    I look at him, "I was one of the best fighters, you would win every round and I won't refuse anything..." I look to Nora, then back to Ulrich, "You askod me to do..."

    Ulrich looks at me in silence, Nora comes over.

    Nora looks at me, "We will take your proposal into consideration...until then, we have someone."

    Cillian is taken off, I yell out to my kid and run to him but I am pulled back. I am told to not make it worse, I am a free man right now.

    Guards approach Ulrich, stating Niamh has approached the entrance to Conway.

    "Ulrich, you were my friend...long time ago, come on, you have to let me try and stop my daughter before you do." I beg him.

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Mon May 14, 2018 9:28 am



    Amy, sister of Ulrich:

    Ulrich considered Lochlan's request, his head tilted thoughtfully to the side. "I assume that same daughter is the one who wounded you." His gaze lowered to the General's bloodied, torn shirt. "Surely any further efforts for your cause would be a little redundant, General."

    Nora looked Lochlan up and down as well, her arms crossed, her stance one of boredom. "Let him, darling. Our officers will be on standby with tranquilizers when he fails."

    Ulrich merely nodded and took a step back, but outside there was a ruckus. All heads turned toward the door before it burst open. Cillian stood at the forefront, his eyes crazed as he pulled at his restraints. Soldiers stood all around him, their hands firmly grasping his arms. The burliest soldier emerged, looking about as unaffected as their leader. "The boy wishes to speak."

    Side by side, Nora and Ulrich stepped forward to study him when he bowed to his knees. Ulrich almost looked a little disappointed. "You are aware of the stipulations to which you agreed, boy. You take your sister's place, and in return, she ceases the use of her powers."

    Cillian nodded desperately. "I know. I'm not going back on my word. There'll be no stopping her, you know that. Let me speak to her."

    Amy chortled in the corner of the room, watching the spectacle as if it were playing out on television. "Were you not the one who got her husband killed? This deal you made is moot if you're not alive to take her punishment."

    The boy shook his head. "She won't kill me, or she'd have done it by now. You know I won't run from this. Release me long enough to talk her down." His gaze found the leaders in the center of the room, the pain in his eyes imploring them to listen. "Please."


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  Canadianmummy on Mon May 14, 2018 9:37 am

    I look at this, "Let him..." Cillian looks at me surprised, Ulrich looks at this "As touching as the moment is, my dimension is under attack..."

    "Cillian can talk to her, it's not something she will be will throw her off. When she backs down, she will crash.."

    I say, looking at them. Ulrich comes up to me, "We were good friends and I try to remember keep myself from killing your daughter. I have every intention to tranquilizer her and cut her head off, what makes you think I won't? She dies, I get your son...and it's all a win win to me."

    "Your wife will want me, something I am sure just makes you hate me even more..." I say, stating the obvious. Ulrich narrows his eyes at me, "My duaghrer destroyed dimensions that were a problem..., they were for you as well, admit that. These stupid rules, it's's an idea, be different."

    "You know we need a prisoner for this, dimensions that were a problem or's based on our decision, Conway, to get rid of them. Not your daughter." He says back to me.


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Mon May 14, 2018 9:47 am

    Cillian tried to rise to his feet but the guards pushed him back down. He snarled and gritted his teeth. Anger would get him nowhere in this dimension, though, so he did his best to stay calm. "You led me to believe that this is a just dimension, sir. I trusted that. This is my fault, and I agreed to the sentence. My sister's death wasn't part of the plan."

    Ulrich turned to face the boy. "Neither was genocide. You'll do well to remember with whom you're speaking."

    The anger in Cillian's eyes rivaled his sister's. "You can't-"

    The man advanced, a panicked Lochlan at his heels. Cillian fell silent when Ulrich lifted his hand. He couldn't speak if he tried. "I'm a man of my word. I merely wanted to rile your father. You, however, will speak when you're spoken to." He nodded toward the guards, who promptly lifted the boy to his feet and released him from his restraints. "Find your sister. You have five minutes."

    With that, the boy was gone. Nora's brow quirked, seemingly fascinated by Lochlan's little family. "So insolent. Prison would humble him nicely."


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  Canadianmummy on Mon May 14, 2018 10:08 am

    I look at them both, I sit back down "Shut up..."

    Is all I can say.


    Cillian roamed the dimension, guards did give him a heads up where she would be. He comes up behind her, she has her hands out. The ground is starting to shake, it took a lot of power and energy for her to do it. Caius was right, Conway is very well protected.

    She stops however, looks to see Cillian as she felt his presence.

    "Dad is here...first of all, is what I am going to say. Something to consider?" He says, Niamh looks at him, annoyed "Ugh, of course he is. Well, you tell me where he is...I kill those in charge of here and that will be good enough for me."

    "Niamh..." He says, she turns to face him. No emotion in her face, only sadness.

    He comes up her and gets on his feet to her, looks up "I can't say anything, I know will hate me forever, I can  accept that and want you too. But this, you're going to miss out on your son's life..., everything. Our father is offering his place, to take I am taking yours. You're going to be arrested, if not killed..."

    "I hope I die then...Rowan will be fine, he will have Davina. I have no one, thanks to you. Thanks to you pretending to be a hero!" She says, yelling and the ground shakes.

    "And I am still here, I am still going to always be here for you...I am your brother. I love you." He says, with a slash of her hand, Cillian is cut like his father and he groans. "I love you, still going to love you..."

    "Stop it, what you think I want you to take my place...? No, this dimension is going to be destroyed. They are the problem." She says,

    "Connor wouldn't want this..." He says, making her stop in her tracks again. She looks back to him, "We won't know, he's dead..."

    "So is mom, you will get through this...but our father won't, you die and I go to the prison world. I am, he is not taking my place. I won't let him. But he will be crushed...,you are his whole world." He says to Niamh.

    Niamh looks at her brother, thinking on that it seems.

    Niamh suddenly falls to the ground, hands over her eyes and cries. She cries and nothing else to do. The ground stops shaking and Cillian puts his arms around her.

    "Go, you have to go...before they come to you. Go be with Rowan, go be a Vet and live on Earth. Forget all of this.." He says, looking at her.

    Niamh without another word, she does. She leaves.


    I sit in the room again, Cillian next to me. Ulrich and Nora come in, Ulrich looks to Nora annoyed and she speaks, "We have considered Lochlan's proposal, you can take her place."

    "No" Cillian says, mad. Nora holds her hand up, "After 3 months..."

    "You just have to mess with me even more, right?" I say, looking at her. Nora leans into me, "You have no idea, you get 3 say your goodbyes. Your son gets to keep your spot warm, hopefully he's alive when you take his spot."

    With no other words, Cillian is taken away. I stand up, pissed off and look to them both, "You both will do everyone a favor, don't procreate..."

    Nora, comes over and touches my arm to my face and slaps me. "See you in 3 months,Lochlan..."


    I get to Caius' dimension, I walk in with extreme defeat in my eyes. Davina comes to me, tells me Niamh showed up and took Rowan. She left without another word, I just nod and go to the whiskey myself. I pour one for just Davina, I hand her in and Caius has woken up, joins us as well.

    Davina, I know she hates whiskey but she's going to need it after I tell her.

    "Cillian got to her, he was able to stop her...I am very proud of him." I say, "However, Conway, they need someone to pay for what Niamh did. He gave his place...over hers. To be in the prison world, the new one that was created, forever. No, leaving or escaping it."

    Davina gasps, I sit against the desk. Caius puts a hand on my shoulder, I wonder if Cora is here, when I look to Davina, "In 3 months, it's going to be me. I am taking his place, I can't have it, he's young. I want him to live his life, I want Niamh to have her life...I want to see my twins grow up and be with you, Davina but I have no choice, I am his father..."

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Mon May 14, 2018 11:57 am

    Davina could barely see through her tears. This couldn't be happening. Days ago, things had been great. Now it was all going to hell.

    She couldn't lose him. His children couldn't lose their father. And Cillian certainly couldn't serve out the rest of his eternity in prison.

    She shook her head in desperation. "No. No, Lochlan, there has to be a better way. A better trade. Maybe we can... I don't know. Work for them?" Even to her own ears, it sounded dumb. She didn't know what else to suggest. What could possibly be good enough? She'd heard of Nora. She knew exactly why she'd agreed to his request.

    Caius shook his head before Lochlan could speak. "They've no use for you or anyone, dear. Nora knows exactly what she's doing." He paused for a moment, then regarded Lochlan with a sad smile. "Perhaps I can offer them my servitude in exchange for your and Cillian's freedom."

    Davina turned to face him, her eyes wide. "What? Father, you said it yourself. Nora wants Lochlan."

    Caius nodded. "And Ulrich wants to keep his wife. I have a great many spells that a man such as himself would find useful." He looked back at Lochlan. "In truth, I have my doubts, but I must try. I am so very sorry that this has happened to you all."

    Without a word, he teleported to his study and strode to his desk. If nothing else worked, he would at least arrive bearing gifts. Ulrich was someone who fancied the finer things in life, such as the bottle of aged, century-old cognac in his bottom drawer. He withdrew it carefully and placed it on top of his desk with a sigh. He sensed Cora but didn't bother to seek her out, though her anger was piercing him like a thousand daggers. Though deceased, her ghost was powerful and mighty when she needed it to be.

    Her voice settled over him, causing him to stop in his tracks. "Caius, you can't ignore me, you son of a bitch."

    He turned toward the sound and breathed in deeply. "It is not healthy that you remain here, love. The longer you wait to cross-"

    Books flew off the shelves around him and clattered to the floor. "You want me to cross when my son-in-law is dead, my son is in prison, my daughter is hurting and my fucking husband-" She stopped herself. "When Lochlan is going back to that place?"

    Caius shrugged out of his coat and draped it across the back of his chair. He couldn't very well visit the Conways without dressing his best. Sadness filled him with every word she spoke. "Of course not, Cora. I'm sorry."

    "I know you are." Her voice softened. "I don't know what to do either, but it sure as hell isn't letting my boys rot in prison." Suddenly, she stopped to think for a moment. A split second later, she was right in front of him. "Marit!"

    The warlock stared at her in puzzlement. "No one's seen her in years. What of it?"

    "I'll find the bitch, Caius. Tell Lochlan to stop being the martyr for one fucking second. Face it, hon. She's the one who needs to be in prison. She killed the first General, got off scot-free, and now she's going to take his place."

    Caius highly doubted Marit would be so kind as to offer. Cora's humorless laughter was enough to let on that she knew exactly what he was thinking.

    "She won't have a choice. I'm a fucking spirit, though, so I need you to come with." She nodded toward the bottle on his desk. "Put away the cognac. Don't waste it on those assholes."

    With that, she was gone, and Caius' hope was restored. It wasn't foolproof, but it was better than nothing.


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  Canadianmummy on Mon May 14, 2018 12:05 pm

    Warlocks, is all I can say to myself. Gods, they don't see anything but revenge and prizes to have. I won a lot of battles when I was there last, I made Nora a lot of money. The bets placed on me, I never lost.

    I can't even stomach, my boy doing that. He's a kid.

    "The alternative is Niamh, she is the one to pay for everything that happened...she did all of it but I am not about to let that happen either. They won't listen to your father. Ulrich, he was my friend...was, is the exact wording to use. I even dated his sister, much of the reason he doesn't like me....I ended things with her, not in the best way and Nora, well, I won't go much more into her but you can gather what her story is with me. I have never slept with her, I knew the kind of woman she was...not my thing."

    I sit defeated, on a couch. I burry my head in my hands and Davina gets to her knees in front of me. "I don't want to do it, but he's there...I don't know what to do. I have no army, everyone is fucking's Conway."

    Davina sits next to me and we say nothing to each other, just kind of give a look of we are so fucked.


    Marit was in her dimension, the one Lochlan had sent her to all those years ago. It was a beautiful one actually, pool, beautiful scenery. She could do whatever she liked but it was missing company, no one to talk to.

    She was taking a swim, when she came up from the water and looked to see Cora. She got out, "So, for you to be here, you must be dead...only my son could enter this realm."

    Cora is silent, Marit looks a bit concerned, "What has happened?"

    It had been 3 months, 3 very long months. I spent my time, setting up a home for my family. Arendale welcomed us, Caius had no luck with Ulrich as I suspected. I barely can look at Davina.

    It reaches the exact day before, before 3 months exactly from the day I was told. We have a beautiful house here, Davina helps with teaching writing and other creative passions to Arendale people. I, don't offer much, I come into the house from being outside. I go to grab a beer, Caius is suddenly there and before I say anything, Cora is there too and I can see her.

    ", going on?" I start to say and then, I hear her voice. "I am so happy to see you again, one last time..." My mother, Marit, comes over to me and strokes my face.

    "Explain..." I look to Caius, the most logical in the room.

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Mon May 14, 2018 12:26 pm

    Caius stepped forward, his hands in the pockets of his pea coat, a smile on his face. "Cora thought to find your mother. She has agreed to take your place."

    Cora grinned at Lochlan, looking a little too pleased with herself. "Like I was going to let your stupid ass go back to prison."

    Marit sighed. "I surely hope your new wife is more pleasant, son. You may not know this, but Thaddeus and Nora were an item many centuries ago. It's no surprise that she set her sights on you all those years later."

    Caius still smiled. "It is perfect, my friend. Your mother stole your father from Nora. She'll surely be intrigued by such an offer." He was aware of the implications of his words. Namely, torture. He regarded Marit with a brief shrug of his shoulders. "Sorry, madam."


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  Canadianmummy on Mon May 14, 2018 12:31 pm

    "Why, exactly are you agreeing to this...?" I look to my mother, she looks back, "I owe you."

    Marit looks round, sees a wedding picture of Lochlan and Davina, "Beautiful girl, lovely skin I can tell...takes care of her appearance, unlike this one." Her head nods to Cora.

    "Don't...even..comment back, one joy I have is not having to listen to you both bickering. Mom, you understand what is going to happen to you..." I tell her, she nods.

    "I do but I also want you to be happy..." She says.

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Mon May 14, 2018 12:45 pm

    Cora clapped her hands together and beamed at Caius. "That settles it. We'll bring her on down to Jessica Rabbit and make the trade."

    Just then, Davina entered, then paused in the doorway. The books she'd been holding fell to the floor, instantly forgotten. Cora turned to her with a smile, as did Marit.

    Davina looked at Lochlan and rubbed her hands together, suddenly anxious. She stepped forward as if her feet were made of lead, then offered Cora her hand. "I, uh..."

    Cora didn't wait for the introduction. It wasn't necessary. She lurched forward and embraced Davina, taking full advantage of Caius' visibility spell. After this, she couldn't just keep hanging around. As it stood, she'd been feeling like a creep for the past number of years.

    "Oh, I'm so happy to finally talk to you!" Cora kept squeezing, shameless in her excitement, but a nonplussed Davina simply hugged her back.

    When the two pulled away, Cora's eyes shined with tears of happiness. "Look at you. Fuck, you're gorgeous."

    Davina laughed, albeit nervously. "Likewise."

    Cora shrugged. "I know this is weird. Believe me, I do. But you're good to Lochlan and the kids and that's what matters. Yes, I'm a grade-A stalker. Anyway, as much as I'd love to chat, we have to save your husband from martyrdom."

    Marit offered her hand to Davina, who accepted it cautiously. She knew all about Lochlan's mother, though she still wasn't sure what the hell was going on here. Marit sensed her curiosity and offered her a small smile. "I'm Marit. It's good to meet you, dear. I'll be taking your husband's place."


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  Canadianmummy on Mon May 14, 2018 1:01 pm

    Before I could say anything, Davina laughed out loud with joy and turned to hug me. Almost tackling me to the ground, she was so over joyed. I smile back and embrace her.

    We pull apart, I look at Cora, "I know you probably should cross over but I need you to stay longer, use your stalker skills and keep an eye on Niamh. I don't know where she is and I know I could find her but.."

    Cora steps up to me, "She is okay. She will mourn, which she is....give her time and she will find you."

    Cora looks at Davina one last time, "Take good care of him...."

    Cora smiles and then soon she's gone, I stand still staring at where she was. Davina and I hug again, Marit smiles at the scene before her.


    Next day, I am heading to Conway with my mother. She is dressed in her finest jewellery and looks amazingly beautiful. She looks at me, "I am very proud of you darling. Your father never would have sacrificed himself for you...."

    "Trying to still win over him? He's dead, he can't objectify that..." I say, smirking slightly. Marit shrugs, "I just want you to have forgiven me...."

    She looks at me, I look at her and lean in a bit, "I do forgive you, I won't ever forget you doing this."

    We head into the house, wait for Ulrich and Nora. They walk in, Nora was smiling and suddenly nothing.

    "Hello Nora, trying to bang my son...,how many times do we have to tell you? It's not going to happen." My mother says, awkwardly I look at Nora.

    "I am taking his place, my son and grandson go free...., yes, you get me. Talk about a deal."


    I wait for hours, they are bringing Cillian to make the trade. We finally comes in the room with the guards, he looks different. Not depressed as I imagine, he sees me and then my mother. I go up and hug him, he hugs back and then breaks off. I look at him, "This is awkward and short but..this is your grandmother."

    Cillian shakes her hand, "You're crazy Granny..., I don't know why you all are rushing to save me."

    Ulrich smirks, "You're son, so much like you..."

    My mother hugs me one last time, she is trailed off and I take Cillian home.

    I walk down the steps with him, looking at him and then stop him. He looks at me, "Let me guess, just helped you became more of an asshole?" Cillian looks at me, "Well, instead of wallowing...,I actually made myself useful. I didn't fight but I did whatever else was asked of me. Nora appreciated it and treated me...pretty well."

    "Bullshit..." I look at him, looking for what really happened.

    "Sorry pops, case closed...let's get out of here." He says, and we do so.

    I don't believe him for a second.

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Mon May 14, 2018 2:18 pm

    "Don't you think you should slow down?"

    Niamh looked at the girls across from her, acquaintances from class, and scowled. "I'll tell you that when your husband dies." She flagged down the bartender of the busy club whose name she couldn't recall, then held up two fingers. He nodded and slid her two more shots.

    As far as these humans knew, her husband had died in an accident. Automobile, to be exact. Tragic. But they used to be a fun bunch. Now, not so much. Now, they reminded her that she had a son. That she'd get alcohol poisoning. That she was destroying her liver. That hooking up with random men wasn't the right way to cope.

    No shit, Sherlock.

    She downed the last of the shots, slapped a wad of cash onto the bar, and nodded toward the man she'd been speaking with beforehand. He didn't look half bad, anyway. He seemed nice enough. Not that she cared, but he would do the trick in a pinch.

    They ended up in the bathroom. No sooner than she could shut the stall door behind her, he was on her. His lips explored hers, then her neck, her collarbone, her breasts, which he promptly exposed with hurried fingers. It was wrong, all wrong, but it was the way she chose to grieve.

    "Naomi, you said?" he asked, clearly having already forgotten her name.

    Niamh rolled her eyes. "Sure. Got a condom?"

    He nodded and reached into his back pocket. Minutes later, he was ready for her, the condom in place on a quite average dick. He wasn't Connor, that was for sure, but then again, none of these men were. He'd been her first, only, and last love, but she had needs, just the same. He spun her around and reached under her dress, pawing at her with rough hands. Her husband had been loving and tender, catering to her every need and desire, finely attuned to her every reaction. This guy worked his fingers against her like he was scratching a record.

    Finally, she bent forward and pushed his hand away. "I don't have all night. Make it good."

    He situated himself behind her, then without warning, he pushed inside her. She grasped the top of the stall and rested her cheek against the cool painted metal. He laughed. "You're kind of mean, sweetheart."

    Niamh gritted her teeth and moved her hips backward, dissatisfied with his pace, her head swimming from the alcohol. She'd done far worse in her day than hurt a stranger's feelings. "You have no fucking idea."

    Song for this scene:

    Niamh didn't waste time and money calling a cab when she could so easily teleport. She tried to fix her hair and smooth out the wrinkles in her dress, but it was futile. She had the just-fucked, drunk-off-your-ass look she'd come home with before. Thankfully Ryan and Sophia had Rowan for the evening, but she didn't fancy the idea of her uncle, of all people, seeing her this way. He emerged from the hallway to find her smearing off what was left of her lipstick, and she wilted beneath his gaze.

    "Uncle Ryan. Thanks for watching Rowan."

    He nodded. Though he was nearing his late fifties by now, his wrinkles soft and his salt and pepper hair still cut military style, he didn't look as old as most his age. He sure as hell still had the power to make every kid in the family slightly nervous around him. His gaze was still just as intense as it had ever been. Quiet and unnerving. "You're welcome."

    She shuffled her weight from one foot to the other. "I can take Rowan now. Sorry I got back a little late."

    Ryan crossed his arms and shook his head. "I don't think that's a good idea, sweetheart. Sleep off the alcohol first and he'll be ready for you in the morning."

    Before she could stop herself, the ground shook beneath them. Pictures on the walls rattled. Ryan was used to it, so he simply waited it out. He'd always been frustratingly patient. "Are you done?"

    Niamh huffed and clenched her fists. "I'm fine, Uncle Ryan. He's my son. Unless you've got kidnapping on the brain?"

    Ryan gave her the infamous quirk of his brow. "No, but an intervention might help. When's the last time you spoke to your father?"

    She scowled. "Dad's fine. Cillian's free. Marit's in prison where she belongs, and all is right with the world."

    "You can't keep doing this, kid. I know you've suffered way more in your eighteen years than most have in a lifetime, but this isn't the way to go about it. You're a mother. Act like it."

    Her rage returned. The kitchen table flipped, a vase full of flowers on the table smashing onto the floor. "Fuck you."

    Ryan caught sight of the tears forming in her eyes. He eased up and softened his tone. "Get help. Talk to your dad. You're not as alone as you think."

    Niamh looked away, embarrassed by her own emotions. She hadn't let herself cry in a while. Ryan stepped forward and extended his arms, giving her the option to stay or to run. To his surprise, she came closer and melted into his embrace, her shoulders shaking with sobs.

    Ryan held on tightly and let her cry as long as she needed. He pulled her hair back from her face, kissed the top of her head, and sighed. "You'll be okay, kid. I promise."

    Davina knew that Cillian was too much like his father for his own good. He wouldn't just offer up every depressing detail, and though she didn't know Nora well, she knew that the boy was only fifteen. The woman wouldn't go for a teenager, no matter how depraved she may have been.

    She lay beside Lochlan that night, knowing that his mind was racing, yet unsure of what to say to help him. She reached for his hand and looped her fingers through his. "Give him time," she said softly, and he could only nod.

    Though she couldn't help her own selfish feelings, she was overjoyed that her husband was free, that Cillian was safe and sound and sleeping in the comfort of a nice bed. He'd plowed through dinner that evening as if he'd feared someone would take it away. Perhaps, in the prison dimension, they did.

    Slowly, she rolled over onto her side and slipped her hand beneath the sheets to grasp him. His eyes opened and settled on hers. When she began to stroke and his lips parted, she covered his mouth with her own and climbed down his body until her tongue was on his flesh. His breathing picked up and his hands reached to hold her hair back as she worked, her movements slow and easy. Minutes later, she was on top of him, his cock fully seated within her. She lowered her head to kiss him, her soft moans filling his ears as she rocked her hips against him.

    She bit her lip and gasped when his fingers dug into her sides and he thrust into her from below, releasing his emotions in the only way that he could at that particular moment. They were essentially guests in the Arendales' dimension, and though she tried to be quiet, she couldn't quell the whimper that escaped her when she came. He followed and quickened his pace, his teeth gently biting down on her breast as he finished inside her.

    With a final kiss, she climbed off of him. She barely made it to the adjoining bathroom when they heard the scream. Connor.

    Lochlan sprang from the bed at once and reached for his pants. They both knew the boy had lied; these were the sounds of a nightmare, plain and simple. She watched with worry in her eyes as her husband offered her a nod, then rushed to see his son.

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

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    Cillian was drenched in sweat, when I came to his room. I wanted to give him space, Davina felt the opposite. I know I never spoke about my experience in the prison world, I don't expect my son to share his either.

    I get to the door, I look at Davina "He's fine, plenty of nightmares will's part of it."

    Before Davina could respond, the door opened and their stood Cillian, "I can hear you....outside of the door."

    "Your stepmother is worried about you, we heard you...we can always hear you. Can't change what happened but if you need to talk, I can help." I said, Cillian just nods, "Thanks...yeah, I know, you have so much experience right?"

    "I do, actually." I look back at him, serious.

    Cillian just nods again, "That's a great moment pops, but I'm going to try and get back to sleep. We done here?"

    I just look at him, no response and walk off. Davina looks at Cillian.


    if it's not one kid, it's another. Ryan contacts me about Niamh. She lives near by and having a rough time. I go there immediately, I sit in her apartment one night when she comes back.

    Rowan is at Ryan's.

    I am drinking a cheap beer from her fridge, she walks in and I simply say, "You should have more at least spring for a decent beer."

    She looks at me, "Ryan called you, I told him not too..."

    "Funny, how he was my partner and friend...he would definitely side with me before you. Not that it's a competition but if it was, I sure as hell won." I state looking at her.

    "So, you're going through the stages...and no, don't interrupt me. Sit your drunk ass down." I snap at her, very serious. She does so.

    "I went through this, I found will find someone else too. You are 18! Connor was a great guy, he also got to experience a life he never could have imagined with you." I look at her, "You made him very happy...and Rowan needs you, so, as cruel as this have to smarten the fuck up."

    "Oh really? You spent months pissed drunk after mom died...." She says to me, I agree to that "But I still came around, again got Davina out of it..."

    "Well, I am going to sleep now...I have to be up at 4am to prepare for my training. If you're done with the lecture?" She says, I look at her. I sit on the couch, "I honestly don't know what else to fucking say, to either of you...."

    She looks at me, "Just give us our space then..."

    "I can't give you space, you're my kids..." I snap back to her.

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Tue May 15, 2018 5:19 am

    In times of stress, Davina cooked and cleaned. She and her husband no longer ruled the roost, as there was no dimension left to lead. After Cora helped in battle and assisted them in rebuilding, the Arendales had graciously allowed them to stay indefinitely as a token of gratitude. Davina was fairly certain that Lochlan could ask the leader to chop off an arm and he'd merely smile and ask which one. The Arendales were simple, earnest and hardworking. They gathered together once a week and feasted together. Their sense of community seemed to be stronger than ever after the attack.

    It was nothing like her home dimension, but in most ways, it was better. They allowed their children to be children. There was no pressure to become a ruthless killing machine. If Niamh gave it half the chance, Davina had a feeling that she'd like it here.

    As it stood, that wasn't happening any time soon. Lochlan had filled her in on Ryan's phone call and his own subsequent visit to see Niamh, and when her children were hurting, Davina hurt too. Between Niamh's coping mechanisms and Cillian's nightmares, she wasn't getting much sleep of her own. And so, she cooked.

    Cillian strode into the kitchen as she flipped the blueberry pancakes on the stove and scrambled some eggs. In the oven, potatoes roasted, and as a bonus, fresh bacon sat upon the counter. She'd gone a tad overboard.

    Cillian snorted. "I knew having all those maids back home was killing you."

    Davina smiled back at him, happy for the company. "Morning, love. How'd you sleep?"

    Sometimes he awoke with screams, sometimes he didn't. She knew the nightmares weren't going away; some were just more intense than others. Cillian knew exactly what she was doing and he wasn't about to fold. "Had a dream that Gal Gadot fell madly in love with me. Yeah, it was hot. Is that blueberry?"

    It was a lie. She wouldn't press it. "It is. I know they're your favorite."

    He grabbed a piece of bacon and popped it into his mouth. "Sweet. You can stop staring at me now."

    Davina looked away and slid the finished breakfast onto individual plates. "I'm not staring. I'm concerned."

    When he looked back at her, his stern gaze piercing, she relented. "All right. I'm staring."

    He graced her with that sly grin he'd inherited from his father, the one that oozed confidence and would one day make some poor girl weak in the knees. "Control yourself. My heart belongs to Gal."

    She laughed and followed him to the table with the plates. When he sat and chowed down, she ruffled his hair and stood at his side. "I love you and your siblings with all my heart, Cillian. I'll never not worry about you." With a kiss to his forehead, she made her way back to the sink to wash up.


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

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    I come back in the door, seeing breakfast on the table. I go in and look at Davina, "You do too much..." she kisses me, I look to see Cillian. I say nothing right away, I sit down and help myself to some coffee.

    Cillian finally speaks up, "Silent treatment pops?"

    I look at him, eating some bacon "I am exhausted....trying to help the both of you, I am ignoring all the other children I have. Call it what you will but until you start talking to me and telling me the problem, I have nothing else to say."

    He looks back to his dad. "I am sorry, I just.." Cillian starts to get teary, I lean back and watch him, "You feel cold at night, you could pile on blankets and still feel cold, right?"

    Cillian gets up and hugs me. I hug him back and hold him by his hair. The twins have come in and we let go, Cillian straightens up and sits down. The twins looks at this, Davina had gone to get them.

    They yell Daddy and hug me, I miss when my other kids were this small. Liam also makes his appearance, he is a great help with the twins and they adore him.

    My daughter, Serena, is beautiful and I don't look forward to the day she starts dating.

    I smile to Davina again, who kisses me. We all sit and have a nice breakfast.


    One morning, it has been 6 months, Niamh is slowly adjusting better since our last talk. I am now knocking on her door, to drop off Rowan.  I hold him in his car seat and soon the door opens, it's not Niamh but a guy.

    He looks older than Niamh, who soon is at the door. "Dad...,you're..early.."She says, surprised. I nod to that, "I am, I forgot the twins have something...which Davina scolded me about."

    Niamh nods, smiles and takes Rowan who has woken up and I look at her, "Are we going to ignore who this is...?" The man extends his hand to me, tells me his name is Alex, we shake hands.

    "I will let you catch up with your cousin, I'll see you..." he says, leans in and kiss on her cheek. He leaves. I shut the door, "I have only one question, how old is he?"

    "He is...a bit older" She busies herself with her work, 'Niamh, I am not an idiot...I know you are going to move on and I happy for you but who is this guy?"

    "Davina probably knows right?" I ask, Niamh just looks at me like to say duh.

    I sit and not going anywhere, I look at my daughter who tells me this guy is a Vet who is her mentor. She is doing her first field placement with him. "He's your boss?" I snap, looking at her.

    "You can't judge me, you are how much older than Davina?" She says, I sit back she has me there.

    "He's using you then..." I say, in my defense. "No, he's not. He is an amazing guy....,he's smart, funny and he makes me happy."

    She says, looking at me.

    "Well, I want to meet him and I will make my decision." I stand up,  "We just started seeing each other, he's also not supposed to be dating me...he could get in trouble."

    "Just keep telling your father more and more of this, Fine, Davina and I will come here for dinner?" I say, looking at her.

    She nods, I hug her and tell her tomorrow and with no other words, I leave.


    I get back to Arendale, find Davina and tell her she's busted. I punish her later, children went to sleepovers, because Davina is going to be tired to do anything else.

    I pound into her for the second time, holding her hair. We both smile.

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

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    Ana, the leader of Arendale:

    William, Ana's husband:

    Silas, son of Nora and Ulrich:

    Davina wasn't entirely pleased that Niamh had found herself with a man so much older, much less a superior, but she was an adult. She had her own life to live. And so, because worrying accomplished nothing, she helped out with the Arendales. It was Friday, and thus, a small group of community members were helping to prepare the weekly feast.

    She had told Cillian to come along and help, anything to keep him busy, but he'd begged to go with his father instead. Lochlan was already working security and helping to make sure that the Arendales were never again attacked like they had once been, and seeing an opportunity to use his training in the field, Cillian jumped at the chance.

    Davina peeled potatoes and chopped onions while William prepared a whole hog and Ana brewed the sauce. Their son Cameron, eight and adorable to boot, did his part by wiping down the outdoor furniture.

    "I can't thank you enough for helping out, Davina," Ana said with a smile, and Davina chortled.

    "It's the least I can do. You've given my family a home."

    William waved his finger. "Ah, but we wouldn't have a home if it weren't for your husband and Cora. We were very nearly wiped off the map."

    Davina knew the story. She nodded. "Nonetheless, I'm grateful. I'm always around, should you need anything."

    Ana grinned. "Likewise."

    Davina was almost finished with the onions when one rolled off of the table. Before it could reach the ground, a hand reached out and caught it. She looked up into a pair of dark brown eyes, at a face of a man with a strong jaw, full lips, and a devilish smirk. She accepted the onion with a thank you, then looked toward Ana and William. They'd both stopped what they were doing and stood together, their arms clasped behind their backs, their chins high.

    Was this man someone important? Feeling a little out of her element, she stood, but didn't hold herself like the others. It felt a little silly.

    Ana nodded toward the visitor, but there was no warmth in her expression. She acted as if it were simply protocol she had to follow. "Silas. I didn't realize you were doing inspections now."

    Silas graced her with a grin that would melt the panties off of a nun. "Beautiful. It's my first time, actually. Be gentle."

    He did a full spin, then stopped in front of Davina. Because it would be rude not to, she offered her hand. "I'm-"

    "Davina," he finished for her, because of course he already knew. He took her hand, though, and raised it to his lips for a kiss. "Wife of the former General. I'm aware." He released her hand and she took a step back. "I'm Silas."


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

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    Silas looked to Ana, specifically. "It is very ...charitable, for you to take in strays. I hope they are at least pulling their weight."

    "Might just see if we are..." I say, Silas looks to me, "Well, if it isn't the General himself." He shakes my hand, I don't right away "No offense kid but I hate your parents, so I will hold off on the hand shaking."

    "Fair enough, I know my dad can be a hardass..." He says, standing up straighter. "I am here to do my inspection, Ana if you could lead the way..." I have Niamh with me as well, Rowan in tow.

    I notice Silas look to her and he walks off, I look to Niamh, "No."

    She loks at me, "No what?"

    "Just no, go eat something..." I say, Will comes over and we discuss our visitor. Not long later, Ana is back with Silas who has been invited to stay for dinner. "I would love nothing more..., is this seat taken?" He takes a seat next to Niamh, I sit across from him and he smiles to me, "Be more obvious pops? I must say, I saw pictures of your are just as a beautiful, your name?" He offers his hand to Niamh.

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

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    Niamh didn't know what to make of the man, but he was hot as hell and he certainly knew it. His smirks alone reeked of confidence. She tried to look unimpressed but his presence had her interest piqued.

    Her heartbeat picked up when she placed her hand in his, and though she was technically dating someone else, she felt something when he kissed the back of her hand. "Niamh, but you already knew that."

    He let go and grinned at her, his perfect teeth on full display. "You got me. It's not every day that one comes across a demigod, no? I've seen your work. Very impressive."

    Without waiting for her to reply, he dipped a forkful of pulled pork into a vat of Ana's sauce and took a bite. He moaned quite audibly as he chewed, perfectly at home in their dimension and unaffected by the gazes of everyone around him. "Ana, Will, Davina? You've outdone yourselves."

    He was aware of Lochlan's glaring looks. He cast a wink his way in acknowledgement before turning back to Niamh and tapping the baby's nose. "Who's this little guy?"

    Niamh looked down at her son and hugged him closer. "Rowan. My son."

    Silas smiled. "I can tell. So, General-" He shook his head. "Apologies. Ex-General. What are you up to these days?"

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