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    The God and the Healer - RP


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Fri Apr 20, 2018 12:50 pm

    Ryan watched as Lochlan let loose on the burglar, raining down punches right and left. He still didn't have the full story on what had happened, but he had no doubt in his mind that whatever this man had done had been Lochlan's undoing. He'd been fine up until that point, and for a warrior god who commanded armies, that was saying something.

    "Ah, fuck, man," Ryan groaned, and then he jumped into action, pulling at Lochlan's shoulders. "All right brother, back off."

    He knew that Lochlan could easily overpower him, but it was a risk he had to take. He was going to lose his job if he wasn't careful. Ryan yanked him off and away from the bloodied suspect. "I get it, he's a piece of shit. Back off, Lochlan."

    While Lochlan caught his breath, Ryan peered down at the man on the ground. He was already talking shit. "Police brutality! I'ma get a lawyer and sue your asses so fast-"

    "Shut the fuck up," Ryan snapped, and then he grabbed onto Lochlan's shoulders and spoke quietly. "You're gonna have to work some magic to get that footage erased. Christ, brother, do you even watch the news? You're lucky he's a white guy."

    He stepped away, then, and picked up the suspect. The left half of his face was swelling up and his lip was busted, but considering he'd been beaten by a god, it could've been worse. Ryan couldn't believe he was about to lie and scheme to save Lochlan's job. He'd been a cop with integrity two minutes ago.

    After throwing the guy into the back of the cruiser, Ryan led Lochlan to the passenger side and told him to get in. As he drove, the suspect nodded off in the back seat and Lochlan stared dead ahead, still fuming.

    Ryan sighed. "Look, man, I respect that you had some personal shit happen. I won't press you to talk about it, but this is a no-go. We can grab some beers and hash shit out, or you can take a leave, but this job is how I feed my wife and kid. Work with me here."

    While Davina worked on dinner, Niamh and Cillian helped. It was something entirely new, something they had been doing since the incident, but she appreciated it nonetheless. While Niamh shucked corn, Cillian busied himself with peeling and soaking potatoes. Davina stood and leaned against the counter, for once having nothing to do.

    "Seems you guys have stolen my job," she joked, and Cillian grinned. "I'm in a good mood. Thought I'd help."

    Davina's interest was piqued. "Well, I'm glad. Any particular reason?"

    Having finished her part of the job, Niamh stood by the trash can, brushing corn silk from her hands. "Dad's going to train him how to fight."

    Cillian cut his eyes at his sister. "Yeah. Speaking of, your boyfriend's a snitch."

    Niamh spun around to face him. "You were the one who was stupid enough to ask! You think he'd go behind Dad's back for you? He doesn't even do that for me, and he's not my boyfriend."

    Her brother narrowed his eyes at her. "Keep telling yourself that. Your boyfriend's kissing Dad's ass right now, but watch him show up on your doorstep with flowers the second you turn eighteen."

    "Guys!" Davina shouted, jumping in the middle. "We don't need to fight-"

    "And what do you mean about him not going behind Dad's back? He does it every time you run off to fight!"

    Niamh snorted. "As if anyone could stop me."

    Potatoes abandoned, Cillian turned, the peeler still in hand. "There you go again with that demigod Healer bullshit! Just because the sun shines out of your ass, it doesn't mean the rest of us are useless."

    Since when had the kids learned to curse so much? Davina raised her voice. "Hey!"

    Surprisingly, it worked. The two quieted down, then had the good grace to look ashamed. "First of all, language! Secondly, congratulations, Cillian. I know it means a lot that your father agreed to it. Perhaps you should have asked him before sneaking around first."

    Cillian shrugged. "Fair point."

    Davina turned to his sister next. "And you, Niamh. We all know you're incredibly powerful and insanely brave. It doesn't mean that you can disobey your father and come and go as you wish. Do you understand what the issue is? Communication. You seem to be under the impression that you can't talk to your father. Why is that?"

    Cillian looked back at the sink like he'd almost rather keep working than discuss the matter. Davina shook her head. "Dinner can wait, sweetie. You too, Niamh. Sit down."

    Both children sat at the dinner table, their heads down, their jaws set. Both children who were stronger than their own stepmother, who stayed out of respect and love when they so easily could have walked off and challenged her to try to set them straight. She was more than lucky in that regard.

    "Cillian, why did you come to Connor first?" she asked, careful to keep her tone soft and non-judgmental.

    Cillian lifted his shoulders and leaned back in his chair. "We're here on earth again, for starters. Dad doesn't want to stay in our dimension. He may have eased up on the magic, but he still doesn't like it. Why train us to fight if he'd never let us on a battlefield?"

    Davina thought for a moment. "Do you want to be on a battlefield?"

    "I don't know. Maybe."

    She looked at Niamh. "And you, hon?"

    Niamh shrugged. "You guys hate it when I toot my own horn, but yes. My mother kicked ass out there."

    Cillian's head snapped up in an instant, his fury burning a hole through his sister. "Yeah, and look where that got her."

    Davina stood, but Niamh was quicker. She reached across the table with lightning speed, then brought her fist forward until Cillian was flying. His chair sprawled across the room, and so did he, but Davina stopped him mid-air with her own power until he simply hovered. Slowly, she let him down until he was on his feet again. His face would heal, but for the moment it bore the evidence of how angry his sister had been. Instead of the usual bruising one would expect, she'd scalded him where her fist had made contact.

    Davina again placed herself in the middle, her gaze flitting between the two of them in desperation. "This is what I'm talking about! This is what your father wanted to protect you from!"

    The siblings fell silent, both too pissed off to speak. Davina continued. "You act without thinking! You judge your father so poorly sometimes that it astounds me. He does everything with you in mind. Everything! He wants for you to have a life of normalcy before you venture into adulthood and make your own choices. He's not trying to control you kids, he's trying to protect you!"

    She caught her breath and shook her head in disappointment. "If anything, you should thank him for your life of comfort. He was thrown into training when he was only a little past Liam's age. Can you imagine your parents shipping your baby brother off to fight? Can you imagine a life of no hugs or affection? If your father saw you as just another pawn, and not someone he loved deeply? It is a fucking miracle that he turned out the way he did, and yet all you can do is criticize him for every choice he makes! Do you have any idea how much it hurts your father that his own kids feel they can't confide in him?"

    Niamh was the first to speak. "I'm sorry."

    Davina threw her hands in the air. "Don't tell me that. Tell your father. And if you can't be civil toward one another, then please go to your rooms until I call you for dinner."

    It seemed that the more pregnant she got, the more motherly she became. She hardly ever bossed the kids around or tried to sort them out, but she drew the line at the disrespect when it came to Lochlan. He had more than enough on his plate without his children turning against him. Perhaps she wasn't strong enough to fend off all the evil in the world, but she had more than enough love in her heart to guide these kids and be the wife that Lochlan deserved. It was all she could do, and because she wasn't going anywhere soon, it would have to suffice.


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  Canadianmummy on Fri Apr 20, 2018 10:01 pm

    I say nothing to Ryan but I feel bad involving him, “I will take a leave, the twins are coming soon and yeah, I will just kill son of a bitches like him if I continue” I look at Ryan.
    We get back to the station, I cover up my tracks and eventually I get home to the house. I walk in a stand next to the door, I take a minute. I hear my name and it’s a cry for help, I rush to Davina and she’s sitting up on the bed. Her water broke, I smile actually and hurry to her and kiss her. She then breaks off crying out in pain, I yell to the kids it’s time and we will be at the hospital.
    I get Davina, the bag she’s packed and repaceked 50 tones and we get in the car.
    We get into the hospital and into a room, Davina is holding my hand and doing her breathing, she tells me how much it hurts and I tell her over and over this is why you’re stronger than me and that she can do it. I also get the “you did this to me” the things that come out of a woman in labour’s mouth.
    It’s 15 hours later, when finally she’s pushing and I hold her hand. We look at each other and we hear it, a cry and we look to see the first baby, it’s a boy and we kiss each other, the next one comes and it’s a girl. We kiss again, both babies are cleaned up super quick and then placed on Davinas chest that is exposed but breasts covered up. We both look at the babies in awe.
    We get home 24 hours later, I walk in holding the baby carriers, one in both arms and the children come down. We all introduce the babies and hold them.
    I hold my new baby daughter and I am in such love, it makes me think of Oscars proposal and I haven’t told Davina about it.
    What am I going to do?

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Sat Apr 21, 2018 4:45 am

    After a lot of hard work and dedication, Niamh got into Cornell, the school she'd wanted most to attend. For someone who missed her dimension daily, she'd begun to ease into the idea of staying in the human world for a while longer. Enough to work her way up, to become a veterinarian, and make a decent living for herself without relying too heavily upon others.

    Well, the cost of college and residence aside, anyway. Her father had taken care of that. Serena and Damon were four now, Liam was nine, Cillian was fourteen, and Niamh had just recently celebrated her eighteenth birthday. Connor visited again as he did each year, bearing gifts and congratulations for a job well done. He was proud that she'd come so far; he told her so repeatedly as he helped move her things into her dorm room. She wouldn't even have to have a roommate, which was nice.

    "Okay, college girl, where do I install the string lights?" he said cheerily as he brought in the last of the boxes.

    "Above the bed. Oh, Dad and Davina are coming soon. You want to join us for lunch later?"

    Connor was already standing on her bed, the lights slung across his shoulders. "I'd love to. How are you liking the campus?"

    She told him all about it, how the coffee was the best part, and he laughed because of course that would be the highlight of her college career. Mochas and lattes. She tossed a stuffed unicorn at him in response, which he batted away with a smirk. His gazes seemed to linger lately. He'd catch himself staring, then look away. Both were single at the moment, and though Connor tried to handle himself respectfully, tried to set his sights on anyone aside from the former General's daughter, he couldn't help wanting what he wanted. What he wanted was her. It was as if he'd blinked and she'd become a woman. She filled out her clothes nicely, her dark hair cascading in waves down her shoulders, her crystalline blue eyes piercing. He stood transfixed for a good minute before he realized he'd stopped installing the lights.

    Niamh didn't mind. She grinned at him instead. "I'm running out of stuff to throw at you. Maybe you're the one who needs the coffee."

    Connor smiled and got back to work. "It's been busy back home. I'm helping Mary train some recruits, so there's not a lot of time for sleeping."

    He was a soldier now; he'd abandoned the blacksmith position soon after Lochlan had made the offer of a promotion. He considered it an honor, and though he didn't say it, she knew he missed the thrill of the fight. This time it wasn't something being forced upon him; he was serving his dimension and keeping its people safe.

    After a little conversation, Niamh excused herself into the hallway to check for any remaining boxes. She barely made it back to the room when she was accosted by a young man in the midst of celebrating college life, his gaze traveling the length of her from head to toe.

    "I'm Dylan," he offered up, a sly grin on his face. "Who are you?"

    She smiled politely. "Niamh."

    Dylan nodded as if he approved. "It's different. I like it. So, my friend is throwing a party if you want to come."

    Niamh looked back into her room, then at Dylan, and shook her head. "No, thanks. I'm just putting my dorm together."

    He'd clearly already started drinking, because he smelled of beer. "Well, that sucks. You're hot as hell." He remained where he stood for a while, seemingly hoping that she might change her mind. "You sure? Free beer and good tunes. We can make out."

    Niamh simply stared. "I'm good-"

    "This guy bothering you, babe?"

    She turned her head to see Connor approaching from behind, a smile on his face. Before she could question the pet name he'd suddenly assigned her, he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and planted a kiss on her temple. He looked at Dylan expectantly.

    The boy backed off just in time for the two of them to see Lochlan and Davina approaching, her father's eyes locking in on them as Connor held onto Niamh. He'd most certainly seen the kiss. He backed away with a blush, then stepped forward to greet them.

    Davina hugged him, her eyes twinkling at the sight of the two together. "I know you were just getting rid of that kid, but I can still dream."

    Connor chuckled and accepted the embrace. "It's good to see you, Davina." He turned to Lochlan, then, and cleared his throat. "Afternoon, sir. Her dorm's coming along nicely, if you'd like to take a look."


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  Canadianmummy on Sat Apr 21, 2018 10:49 pm

    I look at Connor, not at all surprised to see him here. Niamh has turned 18 amd he did stay away while she was under age. I actually like Connor, I admire the kid. What he went through and still turned out to be a decent person, if I wanted Niamh to marry anyone, it would be him.

    Just not at 18.

    "Connor" I step in to look at the dorm room, I look to Niamh "It does look good, it's missing a roommate but Niamh doesn't want that."

    "I don't want someone touching my stuff" She says, I look at her,"You're paranoid sweetheart."

    I smirk teasing her,so much like Cora some times so she is.

    Niamh tells me how Connor is coming to lunch and I tell her good, I have news of my own to tell anyways.

    "How are the twins? Where are they today?" Niamh asks, she digs into her bowl of pasta. "With Caius, the man can't get enough of them. Clearly, you are his favourite kid..." I look to Davina.

    Davina "Well, it helps having children with a god.." she says to me. I nod in response, "I can't disagree there. That does bring me to what I came to say, so I've taken time to heal and do what I had to do but Oscar has offered, more like begged me to come back."

    Niamh looks at her dad, same with Connor.

    "You're going back home...,to be the General?" Niamh says,  I nod, "So it would seem."

    Niamh is thrilled, she gets up and hugs me. She then breaks off, sits back down.

    "Now, enough about me...,what's up with you two? When's the first date or did you have it already?" I ask.

    Connor almost chokes,"Oh no sir, it's nothing lik----"

    I look at Connor, "You can't stop looking at my daughter, lying to me would not be your best option right now..."

    Connor says, "Then can we speak in private?"

    I nod," We can, excuse me beautiful..." I say to Davina, who smiles and kisses me. I go outside with Connor, I wait for him to talk.

    Connor looks nervous, "Sir, I didn't intend to have feelings like this for Niamh, we have been friends for a long time. One day something changed..."

    "She turned 18, Connor, I don't blame you or have ill feelings towards you. You have my blessing, I know you will be good to her. She doesn't need you around for protection, she can protect herself. What she does need you for, is to have fun. She gets really involved with school or her magic, she needs to keep grounded. You will help her do that..."

    Connor looks at me surprised, I look back, "Why is everyone surprised? You will change when you have want the best for them."

    Connor nods, I look at him serious now "Not that children are happening anytime soon..."

    Oscar shakes my hand at my desk, he hurries out of the office happy as can be. He doesn't have to do this job anymore.

    I sit and go over files on the desk already, I see a new battle is being planned for some dimension. Oscar has gotten involved with a lot of peace deals, helping other dimensions who are war torn.

    I stop aide to that, way too much resources and money. I like my armies here and ready for serious threats.

    I go visit the training camp, I step onto the base where I see young men and women doing an obstacle course. "How is he doing?" I say to Mary, who looks to me. We stand next to each other and look to see Cillian, he is one of the new soldiers training.

    "Well, he's cocky like his father..." she says, I look at her, "Is that any surprise?"

    "Better looking..." She also adds, "I would believe that...but refuse too." I conclude.

    Mary laughs,looks at me "So, you're back. This is what you want?"

    I nod, "I can't escape it, no matter how much I try. I wanted my children a normal life, they keep telling me it's not possible. They want this.."

    "It's in their blood, just like naturally want to fight, it's genetic." She says to me, I nod, look to her and see no ring. I look at her,"Still not married?"

    "I can't find the amazing women that you do..." She says, "Men are of no interest...?" I say.

    "You are the only one who came close..." She says, looking at me.

    "You hated me when we dated...." I said.

    "Yeah but not the sex..." She says, we both kind of laugh at that.

    "Well, befoe this gets any more awkward...keep an eye on boy" I warn, she nods and say yes sir. I look to Cillian, I want to wave and embarass him so badly. But I know the others will be on his case being my son.

    I come back to the mansion, I go into my office and I see Davina.

    "Enough work for today..." She says, comes over to me and puts her hands up my chest.

    "This mansion seems to suit you, making yourself at home....and stop cooking, cleaning. We have people for that, what I don't have people for and is a job for you." I say, unzipping my pants. Her eyes look at me, she gets to her knees and I shut door.

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Sun Apr 22, 2018 5:38 am

    "I can't believe you waited this long to ask me out," Niamh said as she walked beside Connor in their dimension. "My birthday was over a month ago."

    Connor turned to look at her. "I was an idiot."

    She smirked. "Scared of my father, more like."

    He laughed. "Maybe a little bit."

    She stopped and stepped closer until she was pressed against him, then raised her arms and wrapped them around the back of his neck. In turn, he completed the embrace and gazed down at her with a smile. "You are so beautiful."

    Niamh grinned. "Do you have any idea how bad I had it for you all these years?"

    Connor chuckled, then looked at her with a quirk of his brow. "You weren't the most discreet about it." When she slapped him on the arm, he laughed harder, then offered her his hand. "Shall we?"

    Niamh was more than ready. She nodded. She remained by his side, giddy and awaiting wherever he would take her, but instead he stopped at the guard tower and approached Derrick, who sat inside. "Afternoon, Derrick. You held onto it?"

    Niamh looked on in confusion as he conversed with the guard, then reached through the window to pull out a picnic basket. In his other hand he held a blanket. She snorted. "I thought we were leaving the dimension."

    Connor grinned. "Patience, babe. Hold on."

    He unfolded the blanket, then draped it over the ground. With a bow, he gestured her toward it. "After you, m'lady."

    Intrigued, she sat, then watched as he did the same. "This wasn't what I had in mind, but I will admit, it's cute."

    "Good. Good, because this spot is a particular favorite of mine."

    Niamh smirked. "Is it Derrick? I have to warn you, I don't share, so you're going to have to choose between the two of us."

    Connor fought a smile. "I don't know. Derrick is just so rugged, but then you've got the charm..."

    Derrick piped up from behind the window, his voice muffled. "That hurts, Connor. I thought what we had was special."

    Niamh cackled as Connor cut his eyes as the guard tower. "Okay, really man, I can take it from here."

    "Aye, lover." There came the sound of a partition lowering until Derrick was gone from sight. He was giving them privacy. "So, what makes this spot so great?"

    Connor smiled at her tenderly. "It's where you risked getting into trouble to help me. You healed me and trusted me enough to bring me into your home. Without your ascension, your very existence, I'd still be in prison. So, this spot where we met? It's everything to me."

    Niamh hadn't counted on getting emotional on their date, but there she sat, the threat of tears looming as her eyes began to glisten. Connor froze. "Ah, shit. I got too sappy. Please don't cry. At least don't cry until you've tried the food I prepared. I'm not much of a cook, so who knows. Could be bad enough to cry over."

    She laughed and reached into the basket. "Sandwiches and fruit? You can't really mess up a sandwich."

    He reached into the basket for his own, and together they ate, exchanging glances every now and then and smiling. Moments later, after dusting bread crumbs off of their laps, they were finished. Connor regarded the empty basket, then her. He said nothing; he simply sat and appreciated the moment for what it was. He'd waited long enough, and now it was happening. Niamh didn't mind the silence, either, and stared right back.


    He gave her a contented smile, his pearly whites on full display. "Yeah?"

    "It's my favorite spot, too."

    Before he could comment, she was closing the distance between them, her gaze moving to his lips. His heart beating a mile a minute, he kissed her. It was sweet and unhurried and perfect, much like their journey together had been. When the two pulled away, Connor beamed at her and offered her his hand. "You didn't think this picnic was all I had planned, do you? Come on."

    She stood, eager to see what else he had up his sleeve. In the next second, they were no longer in their dimension. They were in New York, standing before a large building with flashing lights. When she read the sign, she grinned and turned to him. "How did you know?"

    Connor laughed. "I may have asked your father for ideas. He said you loved it."

    He'd been right. She did. She'd gone here many a time with her mother and Cillian while Lochlan was busy commanding armies. She'd missed the place. With a devilish smirk, she nudged him toward the door. "I'm going to own your ass."

    "We'll see about that," Connor said, and then they ran inside for a game of paintball.


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  Canadianmummy on Sat May 05, 2018 10:36 pm

    It had been a blissful 6 months back home. We were celebrating another victory of mine, I sent troops to a dimension I decided to take over. I wanted all of it, a place to train more soldiers, house more of our resources. It goes against what we normally stand for but this time as General, I am not messing around. You show other dimensions you are not one to be messed with, I don't want another enemy coming after my wife again or family.

    Niamh was still on earth but finishing up her first year of college for the year, her and Connor were still very much involved. I don't ask for any details.

    They are coming to visit for dinner.

    Cillian has been training with the other soldiers, he trains from dawn till late evening. I barely see him, but the kid wanted this so bad. He doesn't complain to me though.

    I get him out of training for an evening, to see his sister. He is not a kid anymore when I look at him, it's hard facing that. Davina gently rubs my arm, looks at me knowing what I am thinking. Our twins are as happy as can be.

    It's finally dinner time, Niamh rushes to me and hugs me. I am surprised by this greeting, but I hug her back. My baby girl safe in my arms, nothing I love more. Davina hugs her next and I can tell she whispers something to her. Davina then does not look at me or she's trying hard not too, she knows I am watching.

    We all sit, I still look to my wife who tells me to stop staring.

    "You're too beautiful for that..." I say, she laughs, saying that was a lame attempt.

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Sun May 06, 2018 4:18 am

    The moment Niamh entered, Davina knew. It took a lot of control not to let the shock register on her face, much less to keep it from her husband.

    Neither Niamh nor Connor knew, so Davina whispered that they needed to talk. The way Lochlan was looking at her, she wouldn't last long. She needed to get the message to the couple.

    Davina removed the napkin from her lap, then stood and smiled down at Niamh, who took her cue to stand as well. She patted her husband's shoulder while she spoke. "Pardon us for a moment. I had something I wanted to go over with Niamh." Connor's interest was piqued, but he politely sat until Davina nodded toward him. "Actually, Connor as well."

    Poor Lochlan. She dipped and gave him a quick kiss. "We'll be back shortly."

    Davina headed toward the living room a safe distance away, then crossed her arms and studied the couple. "It's been, what, six months since you two got together?"

    Connor and Niamh exchanged curious glances, then nodded.

    Davina grinned at her stepdaughter. "You didn't waste any time at all, love. You're pregnant. I'd say you're only a couple weeks in."

    Niamh stood unblinking while the color drained from Conor's face. He undoubtedly loved the girl, but it was a bit early for a pregnancy, and there was the issue of college and her father. He went catatonic for only a moment, then he embraced Niamh with a smile. "Holy shit, babe. We're gonna have a baby."

    Excitement mixed with a healthy dose of fear for the kids, which was exactly what they should have been feeling. Parenthood was no joke, and she'd only just neared the end of her first year in college. Lochlan wouldn't be the happiest to find this out.

    "Well, I'm going to let you two process this for a moment. When you're ready, I'll be at the table with your father."

    Niamh was still in a state of shock. Davina chuckled and embraced her before excusing herself back to Lochlan.


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  Canadianmummy on Sun May 06, 2018 4:49 am

    I sit at the table, as I watched Davina leave with not only Niamh but Connor too. They come back and I look at them all, "Are we going to actually tell me or would you like me to play stupid?"

    Niamh looks at me, "Dad, we just found out....yes, I am pregnant." I narrow eyes now to Connor, as the news is confirmed. I simply start to eat now, I am not sure what to say and Davina whispers to me that I do say something.

    "Say something? You're 18..." I say, looking at her in surprise.

    "It wasn't intended to happen..." She starts to say, "Well, you had sex sweetheart, it happens. You can't be that surprised..." I say right back.

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Sun May 06, 2018 5:30 am

    Niamh’s mouth twisted. “We were careful. I was on birth control.”

    Before either adult could speak, Cillian broke the silence with laughter. “So much for being the smart one. Those pills are for humans, not gods.”

    Davina sighed. “Cillian.”

    He shrugged and continued eating. “Don’t mind me. Just enjoying the show.”

    Connor couldn’t seem to stop looking back and forth from the General to Niamh. The poor kid was understandably nervous. Niamh, who sat in the seat beside his, leaned into him. “I think you should take a break from fighting when I’m further along. I’m going to need you.”

    Connor nodded and stroked her hair, his heart beating fast inside his chest. “Of course. Yeah, anything. I’ll do whatever you need.”

    He turned to Lochlan, then, and took a deep breath. “Sir, I know this is sudden, but we’ll figure this out. I love your daughter.”


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  Canadianmummy on Sun May 06, 2018 5:36 am

    I look at this, not ready at all to watch her have a baby. They speak to each other like adults, Davina reminds me she is an adult. "I have work to do then, make sure Connor has no battles to fight in and working it out, you're getting soon as tomorrow. Excuse me." I say and go off to my office.

    Fuck, why do kids have to grow up. I don't want to ask my daughter why she wasn't careful with sex. I pour a drink and sit behind my desk, I do some work and it's hard to concentrate.

    Davina comes in hours later, she sees me working and pretending to ignore her. "Before you say anything, talk to me when Serena is pregnant at 18...." I pause and then continue, "it's true, I mean, Niamh does not she have to finish college on earth, we are back in this dimension. Thankfully it is not my problem to figure out." I work on.

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Sun May 06, 2018 6:20 am

    Davina knew that Lochlan was feeling more than he let on. She crossed his office and came to a stop between him and his desk. She lowered herself until she was kneeling in front of him, then grabbed his hand. "I don't want to even think about our children having kids, so I can understand how you're feeling. Their timing was certainly off."

    She drew gentle circles across his skin with her thumb, then placed a kiss against the back of his hand. "I can't lie and say I'm not excited. I love babies."

    When he winced, she laughed. "Connor was right. They'll figure it out. They don't really have much choice in the matter, but still."


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

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    Davina leaves the office after a quick kiss, the twins need her for something. Cora actually to my mind when I heard the news, I don't think about her as much. Davina really makes me feel happy and complete, but the fact Cora isn't here to see her first grandchild, yes, she is on my mind.

    I find Niamh and tell her congradulations, she hugs me and says it will be okay. I tell her to move back here, we can help but she says no way in hell. She smiles and says they will figure it out, they want their own space.

    She walks off. Connor stays behind with me, I take him for some drinks. Their is a bar area in this mansion of course, but we go out. I bring him to a local spot, I have my own table of course. We sit and clink glasses, Connor tastes the whiskey and makes a face. I smirk, "You'll start to like it at 4am, when the baby in your arms has been crying for 40 minutes straight."

    I get the kid a beer and he drinks that gladly, he looks at me, "I am sorry how it happened but I am so excited to be a father...."

    I look at him, "You will make a good one..despite how young you are. More importantly, you won't be fighting for me anymore. Do you want your original position back?"

    Connor thinks about it, "Actually, I was thinking....I'd try my hand at tactics training, Oscar was telling me more about it."

    I nod, "Okay, easy as that you are his new apprentice and he will show you."

    Connor looks at me, "This dimension missed you sir...." I look back, "My own father, if he saw what has come of it..he would kill me himself."

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

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    Connor lay beside Niamh in their bed together, a modest two-bed, one-bath in Ithaca, a fortunate stone's throw away from campus. With the money Connor had saved up, both as a soldier and as a blacksmith, he'd gotten them a nice but quaint little home to start their family with. Between Davina, Sophia and Kat, it was already nicely decorated. A boy was on the way and the nursery was ready for his arrival, and Niamh even more so.

    On the bedside table sat the remnants of the meal she'd sent her husband to retrieve. He'd gotten her a burger and a basket of fries from a fast food joint that wasn't even in New York; she'd simply heard of it and wanted to try it, and thus, he got it for her with the help of teleportation.

    "California has some good food," she said in approval as she cradled her belly.

    Connor laughed. "I'm glad. How are you feeling?"

    Her eyes drifted toward the ceiling. "Like a whale."

    Her husband moved closer and positioned himself onto his side, his arm going across her body. He, too, couldn't seem to stop caressing the growing bump. She was due to pop any day now. "You're beautiful. All that stuff about the glow is real."

    She groaned. "God, you're so corny." Still, she kissed him. "I want to meet little Rowan Elliot Flynn."

    Connor smiled. "Me, too. More than anything."

    His wife grinned salaciously up at him, then reached for his belt. "You know, they say sex helps induce labor."

    With a smirk, he held himself above Niamh and helped her unbutton his jeans. He lowered his head and kissed her again, and because she was wearing a dress, it took no effort at all for his hand to find her. She gasped against his mouth and reached for his shirt. When it was off, he was back at her, his lips moving across hers, then down to her neck, her shoulder, her chest. She clutched at him hungrily, eager for him, and then it all went south.

    When she froze, he stopped in alarm. "Niamh? Babe, what's up?"

    She touched her stomach, then groaned. "Uh, I think it's happening."

    In an instant, the arousal was gone. Connor's eyes were as round as saucers. He hopped off the bed and retrieved his shirt. "Right. Okay. This is happening. It's happening."

    She cried out and breathed through the contractions as he gathered a bag full of things they'd prepared for this moment, checking on his wife every other second. As an afterthought, he summoned Caius. The warlock appeared at once, and in no time at all, he knew exactly what was happening.

    "Oh, dear. It's happening."

    Niamh growled. "No shit. Tell my husband to stop freaking out and get my ass to the hospital!"

    Caius turned to Connor. "I will gather the family. Relax, son. Niamh will be doing the hard work."

    Niamh huffed and mewled as her legs dangled off the side of the bed. "I just wanted sex," she groaned.

    She was so much like her mother, it was a shock to the senses at times. Connor picked up his speed and joined his wife while Caius left to notify the others.

    Later, after hours and hours of intense labor, the baby boy arrived. He had intense blue eyes, chubby cheeks, and a smattering of sandy brown hair. For the young couple and family, it was love at first sight.

    Caius stood in the corner as Niamh rested in bed, Connor glued to her side. Lochlan and Davina sat together, the proud new grandfather cradling little Rowan in his arms. Caius' gaze, however, strayed past the General and slightly above him. He smiled when he caught sight of Cora.

    He knew that Cora was running heavily through everyone's minds on this day, most decidedly for Lochlan and Niamh. Though no one but Caius could see, she had one hand on Lochlan's shoulder as the other lovingly stroked her grandson's cheek. Her eyes shined with tears of happiness as she took in the scene around her.

    Because only Caius could hear, she addressed him with the widest of smiles, her heart full and content. "He's perfect."

    Caius grinned in response. When Lochlan looked up and met his gaze, the singular question in his eyes, Caius nodded. Yes, as Lochlan had known, Cora was here.


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

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    The baby had brought much joy to our lives, Niamh did call more than she used to. Davina was woken at 3am some nights from frantic calls of "is the baby breathing okay?, is this normal?"

    Davina laid back down next to me, I opened my eyes and see her, "What was it this time?" Davina laughed, "Connor fell asleep with the baby on his chest, for a split second and Niamh called asking if her husband was being neglectful."

    I laugh so hard, "You were not that bad, thank god..." Davina looks at me, "Not that bad, do you think you were a prince during the whole pregnancy?"

    "I recall many foot rubs and using my body as your personal wonderland..." I look at her, she smirks and we start to kiss.

    As we get more into it, their is a knock on the door. I hate when I am disturbed late at night, Davina looks at me to calm down and she gets a robe on. She answers the door, I see one of my advisors. I go over, not caring I am just in boxers. "What?"

    My advisor tells me of an attack on a near by dimension, their was a message left saying ours would be next. Now I am intrigued, I hang my head in exhaustion and grab clothes on quickly. I kiss Davina night and go to my office.

    I spend the entire night with more advisors, in the morning we go visit the what is left of the dimension that was attacked. I meet with survivors, the dimensions leader also suggests we join forces because the enemy will be back. Their is always an enemy but some stronger than others.

    I tell the leader I will be in touch and I head back home, I get to my office and walk in. I see Davina, stark naked on my desk.

    "I can tell you later what I have been up too.." I shut the door and go over, we kiss and do a lot more than that.

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

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    While Connor got dressed for work, Niamh breastfed Rowan. She was tired, her hair was a mess, but her husband still admired her as she held their son to her chest.

    "You going to be okay here?" he asked her as he rifled through the dresser for some pants. "I hate to leave, but Oscar said it was pretty urgent."

    Niamh shook her head. "You go. Leave me here to die."

    He snickered as he pulled on the last of his clothes and crossed the bedroom to give her a kiss, then did the same to Rowan. "I'll be back as soon as I can, gorgeous."

    Niamh grinned. "Our son is feeding, and you're staring at my boob."

    Connor nodded, his gaze again straying toward her chest. "It's a nice boob."

    His wife snorted. "Don't you have work?"

    He sighed and took a step back. "You're right. We'll finish this later. Love you, wife." He kissed her. "Son." He kissed Rowan. Then he paused. "Boob." Before she could stop him, his mouth was on her flesh. She laughed and pushed him away. "Work. I'll be here when you get back."

    He graced her with that award-grinning grin that always seemed to lift her spirits, and then he was gone.

    Connor arrived in Oscar's office, all business. "Same old, same old?"

    Oscar shook his head. "Unfortunately not. We're sending the whole lot. Lochlan's decided to enlist the help of the dimension that got attacked."

    Sending the entire army meant that things were dire. Connor was instantly on edge. "If push comes to shove, we have a good rapport with the Arendales as well. We can thank Cora for that. They'll gladly assist."

    "We can take that up with the General. As it stands, we need to do some revising. Run it by Lochlan as a fallback."

    Connor nodded, and then he was off. On his way to the mansion, he came across the training center. His gaze zeroed in on Cillian, who stood not in civilian clothes but in armor suited for battle, weapons at the ready. His heart dropped in his chest.


    The boy turned to see him, then scowled. "You can't stop me."

    Talking down a teenager hadn't been part of the plans for today, but Connor knew he couldn't let the kid onto the battlefield. "Like hell I can't. Where's Mary?"

    "She fucking left to join the fight. Everyone's gone, Connor. Go back to Niamh and Rowan."

    Connor stepped closer. "Stay back, man. You're fifteen. You're a hell of a fighter but you know nothing of war."

    To a teenager who thought himself more knowledgeable than every adult around him, it was the wrong thing to say. When Connor made a grab for the kid, Cillian sidestepped him and withdrew his sword. It gleamed in the sunlight between them, causing Connor to pause.

    "Think about what you're doing, Cillian."

    The boy's eyes narrowed. "I am." He took advantage of Connor's state of shock and leapt forward, then swung the blade through the air and dug it into Connor's side. The man gasped and clutched his wound as soon as the sword was free, but before he could wrangle the boy, he'd already vanished.

    In his panic, Connor didn't think to waste time warning anyone. He hit up the blacksmith station, collected his weapons, and took off after the kid.

    He arrived in a dimension that was filled with soldiers in the midst of battle. The kid could train all he wanted, but war was always different. It was brutal. The enemy wouldn't go easy or help you when you struggled. The enemy wanted you dead.

    Connor got to work making a path through the hordes of enemies, dicing off the heads of all who got in his way. Though it had been a while since his last battle, muscle memory took over and made the mission almost effortless. By the time he caught up with the boy, he was covered in blood and superficial cuts.

    Cillian was good, he'd give him that. He struck quickly and efficiently, ducking and skirting every attacker that approached, then killing them with ease. They were outnumbered, however, and every soldier from their dimension knew it.

    "We're leaving, Cillian. Now."

    Connor's tone was hard, his narrowed gaze unforgiving, but Cillian was too stubborn to fold. "I can do this. Back off."

    Just then, a soldier emerged behind him. Connor pounced and embedded his sword into the man's head before he could touch the kid. His senses on high alert, his eyes moving from one corner to another, he advanced on Cillian. More and more soldiers were approaching. Being the General's son, he'd be a prime target.

    The second he reached for Cillian, there came a flash and suddenly Lochlan stood before them, rage in his eyes. There was no time for discussion, and the General hadn't the time to assess the situation. He'd likely heard and simply willed himself to appear at his son's side, but unfortunately, the boy had attracted the attention of the others. There was no time to grab the kid and take off. There was no time to do much of anything.

    The moment Lochlan appeared, he was surrounded. Connor jumped to take down his attackers while the General fought off the rest. With one group down and many more to go, Lochlan turned and sought out his son. Just then, a solder materialized behind him, his dagger raised above the head of the General.

    Without a moment's thought, Connor pushed Lochlan out of the way, then bowed to his knees when the dagger's blade pierced his throat.


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

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    I yelled out the moment it happened, I hurried over to Connor. His body was lifeless. I grabbed my sword, swinging at everyone and everything. Overkill on many of the victims, Cillian came over to try and get me to stop. I glare at him, "Look at this! Look at Connor..., are you happy now? You can't fucking lisen! YOU ARE TOO YOUNG TO BE HERE, THIS JUST PROVES IT!"

    Cillian looks at me, the battle was won...we won. The enemy was dead, Mary stood by awkwardly with the rest of the army as I scold my son in front of them.

    Cillian starts to tear up, I look at that and just wave it aside, "You can't come back from this Cillian..., when we get home. I want you to get your stuff and you can live on base with your class, not at home. I have to get back now and tell your sister, her husband has died!"

    I look to Mary, "Back to the dimension, round everyone up."

    I look at Cillian who is now begging me, saying he's sorry and I tell him it's too late for sorry. I leave him there with Mary and go back to my dimension first. I go straight to finding Davina. I need her so badly right now.

    I find her in the twins room, it is late at night and she has just tucked them in. She comes out of the room and sees me, I am still covered in the blood from battle. I look at her with such devastation. She asks what is wrong? Her hand strokes my face and I put my hand to hers, I tell her what happened. She soon is crying and shaking her head in disbelief, a tear from me also leaves my eye. We hold each other, I hold her as she cries and we know what is next to come, we have to tell Niamh.

    I hate that I have to do that.

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

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    It had been hours of rocking, and Niamh had exhausted the book of lullabies. Rowan was a stubborn one; he was fighting sleep with every ounce of his being. Finally, miraculously, what did the trick was her mother's favorite song. "Forever Young" by Bob Dylan. Of all the tunes, of course it would be the same one that her mother had once sung to her to quiet her down.

    "May you always be courageous, stand upright and be strong. May you stay forever young."

    His eyes drifted shut at last, and then slowly, carefully, she carried him to his crib. When she turned back around, she saw her father and Davina standing in the doorway, their faces downcast. They looked as if they'd both been crying.

    Niamh's heart stopped in her chest. She looked down into the crib, at her peaceful, beautiful son, and then back. She didn't want whatever news they had to give. Connor wasn't there, they were crying, and her husband would be there if he had to deliver any unsavory news. But her husband wasn't there. And somewhere deep inside, she knew why.

    Her chin trembling and her jaws clenched tightly, she spoke. "Where is my husband?"


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

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    I look at her, try to get her to sit but she pulls away from me. "Niamh, I....he died protecting me. I was meant to take it, he pushed me out of the way. I respect the hell out of that kid....I am so sorry." I choose to not mention he went in looking Cillian. I don't know why but I just can't bring myself to tell her that just yet.

    Niamh falls to the floor, in silence. No tears yet, she just sat there in shock.

    Davina, rubs my arm and then joins Niamh on the floor, "Talk to us...we can take Rowan, if you need...whatever you need, I don't what you need."

    Niamh looks up at me, "You know what I need, this happened to you....Dad, this hasn't happened." She cries and reaches for me, I get to her level and hold her. She cries into my arms and I hold her like she's not a grown woman but a baby in my arms, like so many years ago.

    Her tears fill the room, I hold her tightly.

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

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    Niamh was lost in her grief, and though being in her father's arms had always been a comfort, she was a mother now. She had a husband. Rowan needed his father. How had it all shattered so quickly? How had he left that morning with that silly grin of his, only to never return? She didn't accept it. She would never accept it unless she saw it for herself.

    "Where is he?" she asked, though she was addressing no one in particular. She had pulled away and made herself stand, unsteady and unsure on her feet. She felt like she was in a daze, as if she were watching someone else go through the motions because none of this could possibly be real.

    Davina placed a hand on her shoulder. "Niamh, I think maybe-"

    "I want to see my husband," Niamh snapped, though her tone was far too calm and even for a woman who just lost the love of her life. "I need..." She shook her head and swallowed hard. "I need to see my husband."

    Lochlan nodded toward Davina, who stayed behind with Rowan, and then they were gone. Connor's body lay on a cold, sterile table amidst a sea of others, his body covered with a sheet. She thought she'd been prepared, but she wasn't. Her body shook as she reached to pull the fabric away from his face, then her knees weakened when she saw his face. Her father was behind her in an instant, his arms around her waist, lending her his strength when hers faltered. She shrank inside his hold, her upper half folding over Connor as her body wracked with sobs. She cried with her entire soul, her screams shrill and horrendous, her pain suffocating.

    "No no no no no," she wailed, her fingers clutching at her beloved's chest, his hair, his face. She'd thought she'd lost enough. Her mother, her grandfather, Luther, friends who had come and gone, neighbors who'd perished in battle. She'd withstood enough.

    Connor, though, was too much. She'd just gotten him. She'd loved him for five years, and had only just gotten him, and now he was gone.

    Moments passed as her father held her, and though on occasion he whispered words into her ear, she didn't hear them. She was too devastated to do anything but grieve.

    How had this happened? He'd promised he'd never return to battle. Connor didn't go back on his word. He wouldn't put himself at risk with a wife and child at home. She didn't understand.

    She turned on her father in an instant, her gaze imploring him for answers. "Why?" she asked, her voice thick with anguish. "He promised he would never fight again, Dad. Why?"


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

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    I looked at her, she stepped up closer to me. "I don't think the...reason matters, does it? He was brave and you should be proud of him, he was part of this family. Niamh, I know this is hard..." I start to say.

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

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    Niamh didn't know what to make of his words. Why was he so hesitant to tell her? "It matters how Connor died," she growled, and before she knew it, the tables of the morgue were rattling. The clock in the far corner broke loose and shattered on the floor. If she didn't control herself, she'd destroy everything in the building.

    She took a deep breath and wiped at her eyes. Connor had to have gotten word that things were worse on the battlefield than they seemed. Perhaps her father had gone to retrieve him. Something had drawn her husband there despite his promises to stay safe.

    No wonder her father didn't want to tell her. She'd be angry regardless. Another surge of rage flowed through her. Again with the rattling. The walls shuddered, and though she didn't mean for it to happen, cracks began to form. The drywall crumbled and dust billowed out around them.

    She turned away at once and walked briskly toward the exit. She couldn't bear to look at her father, her dead husband, the others who'd lost the battle. If she couldn't contain herself, she'd obliterate their dimension off the map.

    The day before the funeral, Niamh sat in the entertainment room cradling Rowan. Her son was the only thing keeping her halfway sane and her powers in check. When she wanted to cry, she held him. When she wanted to kill, she held him. While he slept, she took up residence by his crib, sometimes sleeping on the floor. These past few days, she drew more comfort from Rowan than she could ever return. He felt like the one blessing in her life that remained. The one gift from Connor that could never be topped.

    Oftentimes, she was scared to blink. Who was next? Who else had to die? If ever she had to leave her son's side, she made sure he was never alone for a moment. Davina and her father lingered, waiting for a sign of improvement, but there was none to be found. Niamh was lost and floating in her grief, and she clung to her son like a lifeline.

    She was roused from her sleep when she caught sight of Cillian. She hadn't seen him since before losing Connor, and had wondered where he'd been. In his hands were duffel bags, as if he planned on moving. She stood and sought out one of the caretakers to watch Rowan, then went after her brother.

    When he turned to face her, he looked worse than she did. His eyes were rimmed with red and swollen, dark circles alluded to just how little sleep he'd gotten. Niamh wasn't a mind reader like Caius, but her brother radiated sadness.

    Her heart heavy with loss, she stepped forward and embraced him. He gripped her tightly and trembled against her, his face buried against her shoulder. "I'm so sorry," he sobbed, and because she understood, she nodded. "I know-"

    "No, you don't," he said, his tone hard at once, though the tears still came. "I killed him."

    Niamh pulled away. "What are you talking about?"

    The anguish in her brother's gaze was enough to make her heart crumble. He was falling apart before her eyes. "I knew Dad wouldn't tell you. It wasn't his fault, it was mine."

    Niamh shook her head. She couldn't form words.

    "I snuck out to the fight. I thought I could do it. But Connor tried to stop me. He tried but I attacked him and I went and he followed. Then Dad showed up and when he turned to yell at me, someone came at him and Connor pushed him out of the way. He risked his life for me and he died for Dad, and neither would've been there if I hadn't gone."

    It felt as if someone had ripped up the foundation beneath her. Her own brother. He'd caused this. He'd started the chain of events. He never wanted to listen, and now her husband was dead because the boy wanted to prove himself. She didn't want to be so angry but she couldn't help herself. She chose denial over violence and kept on shaking her head. "Cillian, no."

    Her brother nodded. "Niamh, I'm so sorry. I can't tell you how sorry I am. I don't deserve your forgiveness, but you had to know."

    Niamh shook with rage. "Cillian, leave. Now."

    He dropped his bags instead and stayed rooted in place. "Whatever it is, I deserve it. Please, Niamh, just know how sorry I am."

    The pictures on the walls began to rattle and fall to the floor. The walls shook. She tried so hard, yet she couldn't stop it. She'd kill him if he didn't get out of her sight. "You're my brother," she said, tears streaming down her cheeks as she tried her best to quell the next surge of power. "I'm asking you to go."

    Cillian took one step back, then two, but he wasn't rushing in the slightest. "Take a breath. Calm down, okay? Think of Rowan."

    It was the wrong thing to say to the woman who'd just lost the father of said child. Something within her snapped. Without even a thought, she sent Cillian up and flying, sailing down the corridor. Before he could land, their father was there, using his own powers to stop his son and get him safely on his feet. Father and daughter stood yards apart, their gazes locked on one another, and she knew that he'd be the next to challenge her. She was a loose cannon, surely, but even the General himself couldn't talk this one down.

    "Don't," she yelled. "Don't come any closer!"


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

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    I looked at her, I gently do start to approach her. "Babe, I know you feel like this is end of the world, but think of will be hard, I won't lie to you but you have so much support."

    Niamh comes up to me, "You left out it was Cillian's fault, I can see your level of support..."

    I look at her, no response but tearing up myself. I go to touch her and suddenly, it feels like I have been slashed across my chest as I start bleeding. I drop to the ground in pain, I won't die but I look up at her, she stares back "Don't follow me..." She then leaves, before I could grab her and she disappears.

    I look to see Cillian, I have nothing to say to him and I hurry to go find Davina and set up a way to help Niamh. I go to my office, Davina shows up and sees my shirt cut open, I inform her I am healing already, I am okay. I have never seen a power quite like that. Niamh could look at me and cause it, that s very powerful.

    It's not even 20 minutes later, Mary rushes in. I look at her, "It's Niamh....,she's destroyed the dimension, Opius."

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Mon May 14, 2018 7:20 am

    Niamh didn't doubt her father's ability to lead their dimension. He was good at giving orders and commanding armies. He could make the strongest of men kneel, the most rebellious of them tremble, and yet there were many battles he didn't want to fight. She'd been in his office. She'd seen the map of their universe, the dimensions making threats outlined in red. Dimensions that had no use being around, if they only existed to the detriment of her friends and family. Again, his armies had gone to battle, and again, brave men and women had died. Her husband had died.

    She could've ended this before it even began. She could've, if she'd stayed. If she'd forgone college and become a soldier. It would've been easier than snapping her fingers. Endless destruction and death with a mere passing thought.

    She hadn't wanted to hurt her father. She'd told him not to come any closer. The fires of her rage were swelling, raging within her, and the harder she fought, the hotter those flames grew. Finally, she gave in and let her anger comfort her. She let her hatred embrace her, and if only for a while, it gave her solace. Her fury was her reprieve.

    She began with Opius. They'd made threats against her people, and she'd see to it that they'd never make the same mistake again. She arrived with a burst of lightning, drawing the surrounding energy inside her and growing stronger by the second as she brought down every element on its people. Lightning, fire, raging storms and howling winds surrounded her person as she traversed the streets, alleys and hills. She cared not for their screams and their panic. Within minutes, everyone was dead. Plumes of smoke arose from each battered, blackened building, and the entirety of the dimension was flooded.

    Niamh didn't stop for a break. She teleported from dimension to dimension, each one a threat, each one filled with bodies and destruction by the time she left. Lastly, she returned home. The same home in which her mother had died. The place she'd met Connor. Why, as a child, had she wanted so badly to return? What had this place given her aside from pain and loss? They should've never returned. This place was a curse, a plague on all that she loved. It was only a matter of time before the rest of her family fell victim to its evil.

    The second she arrived, her anger burned hotter. She couldn't contain it. Before she could even will it to happen, lightning struck the entertainment coliseum. Flames licked at the training center. Rivers and lakes filled and flowed over, sending waves of water crashing through the streets. The ground shook beneath her feet as building after building crumbled, homes reduced to ashes. She would reduce it all to nothing, she decided, just as it should have been years ago.


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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  Canadianmummy on Mon May 14, 2018 7:28 am

    It didn't take long for Lochlan to get word of what was happening in the dimension, they needed to evacuate. The twins left first with Mary and Davina, who almost refused to leave without me but I needed to make sure everyone got off first before I did. I handed her to Mary as she called out for me and I left to go get Cillian.

    I arrive at the training base, they of course were all informed and running around scared. The ground rumbled, I found Cillian who also saw me. I grab him without a word, Mary is right behind me and I look at her, handing Cillian over. She gets him to Caius secret dimension for now, my family and friends, those I care about.

    I want to go see Niamh, I am going to her but before I can do it. Mary grabs me and I tell her don't you dare send me but she does, she herself is left behind. Just before I disapper, I see a blast and I land into Caius dimension, I walk into the house and I am pissed off.

    "She is going to be in so much shit, she is destroying every dimension. She can't do this..." I say, in desperation. I pace, Davina stops me. I look at her, "I gotta go to Conway. I have to talk to them, I have to do something or she is going to the prison world and in for a much worser time than I experienced...."

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Mon May 14, 2018 7:40 am

    Davina knew that Lochlan had gone to prison for Cora. What Niamh was doing was a million times worse. What could he possibly offer?

    She couldn't stop him. She was powerless, clueless as to what she could do. Her eyes brimming with tears, she cradled his face. "She destroyed every dimension you circled on that map. Each and every one made threats against us and others. Conway has to take that into consideration."

    She was desperate for him to agree, but it wasn't likely. The Conways were nothing if not strict. It didn't matter to them who was attacking whom. There were ways in which to go about such problems, and neither included genocide. It was why there were soldiers and battles and order. It was why everyone feared the birth of the little demigod whose powers would be greater than even the strongest of gods could imagine.

    Davina knew it was useless, so instead, she begged. "Please come back to us. Lochlan, I love you."

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    Re: The God and the Healer - RP

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