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    Salvatore: Continuation of Damon and Rose



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    Salvatore: Continuation of Damon and Rose

    Post  Canadianmummy on Sat Feb 11, 2017 12:12 pm

    The sounds of giggles downstairs was enough to wake anyone, Damon did just that. No complaints, he had none for a few years now. He had his beautiful wife and a family, something he never thought possible for him.

    He took a quick shower, came downstairs in his usual black tshirt and jeans. Rose was in the kitchen getting wine glasses, Damon made a grab for some blood in the fridge, they kept fresh stuff. It was gone and he knew to look at her, she smiled in sympathy.

    Gia soon enough came in, "The movie is about to start..." Damon looks at them both "What movie? that mine, in your hand right now?" Gia moved the cup away from her lips and blood seen on her lips. She licked her lips clean.

    "Possibly...and we are watching Magic Mike" she said. Damon held up his hands in defeat, "looks like I'm going out to girls have fun" with a quick peck to Rose and a high five to Gia's own daughter Ella, he was out the door.

    David was in Hawaii, it didn't leave many friends for Damon. Jakob was on missions for the council all the time as well. Not that Damon cared, he enjoyed his time alone. He finished drinking the bartenders blood and compelled her back to work.

    He sat at the bar moments later, bourbon in hand and watched the latest basketball game. It wasn't until he heard the most fimilair voice, "Georgia...of all places I could have found you?" Damon slowly moved his head to look at her, "Caroline Forbes....what do I owe the pleasure?"

    Caroline took the glass of bourbon out of his hand and chugged it down, "Damon, as much as..I wish to ignore you the rest of my existence" Damon quickly had to chime in, "That feeling is mutual.." Caroline narrowed her eyes and looked at him, "It's best I just show you..." she stands up and he looks at her, "What makes you think I'm going to follow you blondie?"

    Caroline looks at him, "Please...just do it." She walks off, Damon makes an annoyed sound and follows Caroline's car. He finds them both at the boarding house. He gets out as he sees her waiting for him.

    "What on earth are we doing here?" He says, she walks into the house "I found myself coming by, just..memories, you're not the only one who misses Elena some times. I just....walked in okay, not expecting a thing and that's when..."

    They walked into the house and Damon kept his focus on Caroline, when he heard someone else finish the sentence for her.

    "She found me..." Sara Saltzman, she stood in the living room. Damon still confused, until Sara looked at him "I figured you'd turn up here at some point...I didn't know where else to go." She soon vamps out.

    Damon almost doesn't know what to say, "Who turned you?" Was the only words that escaped, Sara shakes her head and he goes up closer, "I suggest you answer me..., who turned you?"

    Sara looks at him, moves her hands up his chest "I can't say..." Damon takes her hands off, "And I'm still very much married. Sara...., Ric would kill me on the spot if he knew you were a vampire. Don't ask me why he'd blame me, he just would. How did this happen? Caroline?"

    Caroline gives a shrug, " I couldn't get an answer either, all she said was needed to see you...who do you think did it?"

    Damon just stares at Sara, fumming and takes his cellphone and calls up Rose.

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