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    Escape to London: A Roleplay



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    Re: Escape to London: A Roleplay

    Post  Canadianmummy on Tue Nov 17, 2015 3:51 pm

    Liam kisses Alyssa on the cheek and wants to see her naked later, exact words whispered to her. They get ready for dinner, Liam and Joe were certainly getting along as the kid was glued to stories about Ezra.

    They sat and ate, Alyssa made her famous chicken Alfredo and garlic bread. Gwen giggled at Joes jokes, which even caused Liam to glance at Ezra who glanced back.

    Liam kind of nods his head for him to do something, Ezra glares at the kid. Liam shakes his head in defeat.

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    Re: Escape to London: A Roleplay

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Tue Nov 17, 2015 5:59 pm

    Joe nudged Liam and gave the kid a shit-eating grin. "Stubborn as all hell, I know," he whispered, reaching for his beer. "Just wait."

    He turned back around and looked at Gwen. "Did I tell you about Ezra's first date with Mia?"

    Ezra sighed and tipped another glass back. The Crown was nearly gone, and the liquor seemed to be loosening him up a bit, if nothing else. He even volunteered a few words of his own. "Fuckin' Henry, total ball buster."

    Joe tilted his head back and pounded on the table with his fist. "Priceless. Gwen, the Ezra you see here today is not the Ezra I met back in 1986. For one, his hair has gotten better. Anyway, this nineteen year old kid shows up at the door to take Mia on their first date. What was the movie again? Oh man, it's a classic."

    "Top Gun," Ezra murmured.

    Joe nodded. "Ah, yes, so he's taking her to see Top Gun and to take her to the finest restaurant in Brooklyn. Now, I'm a big guy, but my old man was bigger. Gun collector, cool dude, but he always looked pissed off. Then there's me and my two older brothers, Noah and Daniel. Ezra comes to the door, real polite, sweet kid, Pops has him sweating. I mean, Ezra walks through the door and Pops is sitting there cleaning his rifle and my brothers are all gathered around like interrogators. Pops makes him promise he'll have Mia back by ten. I mean, about six times Ezra's gotta swear up and down that yes sir, he'll have her back at ten, staring down the barrel of Pops' Winchester.

    "Cut to ten on the dot, and Ezra's already back, on the porch, knocking on the door. Me and Daniel are watching out the window, Ezra's all red in the face, doesn't try for a hug or a kiss or nothin'. He fuckin' goes in for a handshake like they'd just had a business meeting!"

    The table erupted into laughter. "I'm not even done, I'm not done!" Joe launched back into the story, struggling to breathe through his cackling. "What Ezra didn't know was we all turned the clocks forward twenty minutes while they were gone. The poor fuckin' bastard walks in, smilin' all nervous, and sticks out his hand. 'Ten on the dot, sir!' Pops lays into him, gun and all. He's got Ezra backed against the wall, demanding to know what he was doing out twenty minutes past ten with his little girl. He fuckin' sold it, too. Don't know how me and the boys kept from laughing. Anyway, so he's standing right in front of the fireplace and just doesn't know it-"

    Ezra put his head in his hands and groaned. "Come on, Joe."

    Gwen shook her head, in tears laughing. She knew where the story was going. "Sorry, handsome. He's definitely finishing this one."

    Joe's baritone voice got higher and higher the more he tried to keep from chuckling. "Anyway, pops has him pressed against the mantel, yelling like a drill sergeant and Ezra's swearing up and down that the time on his watch must have been wrong, and suddenly there's this burnt smell filling up the living room, and this smoke, and Ezra just fuckin' screams-"

    Ezra cleared his throat. "My pants caught on fire, Gwen. That's the story. Henry scared the piss out of me and I backed up into a fireplace. Had to drive home in my boxers."

    Joe fixed his gaze on the detective, waiting for it to happen. Ezra had just admitted defeat, and once the laughter around the table died down, he would face the music and ask.

    Finally, he did.

    His sharp blue eyes met hers, and they were more intense now than she'd ever seen them before. The table went silent around them as he leaned forward in his seat and said what they'd all been waiting for.

    "Gwen, if it's quite all right with you, I'd like to take you on a date to a place of your choosing tomorrow night and leave Joe here with the kids."

    Gwen seemed at a loss for words. The shock of what he had said, let alone in front of everyone, had her speechless. Then, she grinned and reached for her glass of wine.

    "I thought you'd never ask."


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    Re: Escape to London: A Roleplay

    Post  Canadianmummy on Tue Nov 17, 2015 11:52 pm

    Liam laughs so loudly, it annoys Ezra even more. They all get drunk, except Alyssaof course. "well, sorry you have to babysit next to Joe but we are going to head up to bed." Alyss was already passed out in her chair.

    Liam gets up and carries her up, he gets her on the bed and as he turned to move away, he's pulled back by his belt loop to her and she sits up on her knees to kiss him. She quickly moves his jeans down and his boxers, she moves her hand over him and he lets out a moan.

    She breaks off and puts her mouth next on there, this causes Liam to lean his head back and he brushes her hair back, holding it into a ponytail for her as she sucks him more and more.

    He goes to massage her nipples and soon flips her to the bed, he pulls her pants off and enters her. He crawls up in her so deeply and kisses her passionately, she kisses back and they once again make love till they pass out from exhaustion.

    They spend early morning rise, talking about the baby and Liam confesses he's nervous about being a dad of course and Alyssa reassures him he will be a great one.

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    Re: Escape to London: A Roleplay

    Post  PuppyWithATutu on Wed Nov 18, 2015 8:04 am

    Alyssa was grabbing a chocolate eclair from the fridge late the next night when the front door swung open. She knew Ezra and Gwen had gone out on their date, and she didn't want to impede on the moment. Food in hand, she ducked around the corner and tried to tiptoe down the hall when their voices began filling the quiet house.

    "You are insufferable, Ezra!" Gwen's voice wasn't exactly giving off any had-a-great-time vibes. She was frustrated about something.


    "Do you know how embarrassing that was?" Uh-oh. Oh, she felt bad listening to this, but these old floors were creaky. If she made a move, she'd be announcing her presence to everyone. All she wanted was the damned eclair.

    "Gwen, you know I have to be careful-"

    "You dragged us into the kitchen and forced the chef to prepare our meals in front of us! I was mortified!"

    "You think I enjoyed doing that?" Ezra sounded... flustered. He didn't often have people challenging him, Alyssa guessed.

    Gwen sighed. "Ezra, you're a sweet man, but that was a lot to take. I mean, if you were that concerned about us getting drugged, we could've gone to one of those Japanese places that cook at your table!"

    Ezra's voice lowered; the poor man sounded lost. "You wanted Italian."

    Gwen stepped forward, rolling her eyes. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gazed up at him. "No, handsome, I wanted you. It didn't matter where we went."

    Alyssa watched as Ezra's hands slowly rose and settled on her mother's hips. "I'd like a do-over," he said, his words barely above a whisper. "I wish this situation wasn't what it is, but I can't risk any one of us. I can't just take chances. Please let me know that you understand that."

    Gwen nodded. "Of course I do, sweetie. I do." She took a step closer until she was pressed against his chest, his chin resting on top of her head. "All things considered, it was still a pretty good date."

    Ezra laughed. A real, genuine, laugh that floated from the foyer down the hallway toward Alyssa. It was good to hear. "So, Japanese next time?"

    Gwen giggled. "Yeah, Japanese."

    The laughter faded as quickly as it had come. The room went silent. Alyssa risked a glance and knew what she'd see.

    Ezra had one arm around her waist, his other hand cradling her face, tipping her mouth up to meet his. They kissed slowly, gingerly, sweetly.

    And then Alyssa's weight shifted and the floor creaked. Fuck.

    They pulled apart at once, and as if he knew, Ezra called out her name. Doing her own walk of shame, Alyssa popped her head out from the hallway and offered them a halfhearted wave, the eclair still in hand. "Hi, Detective. Mom."

    Ezra's neutral expression didn't fool her. He was still flying high from the kiss. "You were standing there the whole time, weren't you?"

    Her eyes went wide. "Wasn't intentional, honest." She waved her dessert in the air as proof. "Didn't want to ruin the moment, but you guys are like, really sweet together."

    While Gwen laughed, Ezra wrapped his arms around her again and nodded at Alyssa. "Go to bed."

    She grinned and saluted him. "Yes, sir. G'night." With that, she was gone, and Ezra turned back to Gwen, picking up right where he left off.

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    Re: Escape to London: A Roleplay

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