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    Rules and Guidelines


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    Rules and Guidelines

    Post  Katie on Sun Sep 30, 2012 2:39 pm

    In an effort to make this Forum a fun and appropriate for all ages, the Staff at vampire-diaries.forumotion ask that you please follow the rules listed below at all times while on the Forum.

    Also, this video (thanks to for the find) is very true and funny, about how to behave on an internet forum.

    1. Be kind to each other. No racist, sexist, or homophobic comments will be tolerated, so please think before you type. What you say can hurt someone. Also, know when to give up. Debating is one thing, but sometimes you’re not going to be able to change someone’s mind no matter what you say. Please keep swearing to a minimum.

    2. Do not post anything pornographic or illegal here. Pictures, links, etc. (This means you, Anne.) If something you post may not be appropriate for younger users, please type it in white. Also, please do not post in all caps.

    3. Do not bash the cast, fans, crew, family, or friends. You are free to have your own opinion and to share it, but do not do so in a rude way. Don’t feed the trolls!

    4. Don’t spam in PMs, chat, or on the threads. Stay on topic!

    5. Do not post just to post. A larger post count does not in any way make you better or more of a fan. Please do not post multiple times in a row without. Instead, edit your post with what you wish to add.

    6. Do not create multiple accounts. If you are having problems signing in, please contact an Admin or Mod through Skype,, or some other way, and we will help you.

    7. Be safe! Don’t give out your full name, address, phone number, etc. Be smart.

    8. Always respect the Mods and Admin. They work hard to keep everyone safe and happy, and do not appreciate rudeness. If you have a problem with a Mod or Admin, contact the other Admin.

    Follow these rules, and this Forum can be a very fun place for all. Breaking rules will result in a warning, and multiple warnings in a possible banning. Please don’t let it get that far.

    Have fun posting! And thanks in advance from everyone at vampire-diaries.forumotion.

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